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  1. Slagathor

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    a guy like this would be taken based upon the resume below.

    2005 Season: All-American Dream Team selection by The NFL Draft Report...Rated the best right tackle in college by The Poor Man's Guide to the NFL Draft...All-Pac 10 Conference first-team selection...Recipient of the Morris Trophy, given to the outstanding offensive and defensive lineman in the Pacific-10 Conference. What makes the award unique is the selection procedure, which has the starting offensive lineman in the Conference voting for the defensive winner and vice versa. Started eleven games, sitting out vs. Washington State with a concussion...Registered 38 knockdowns and had 19 touchdown-resulting blocks for an offense that averaged 427.9 yards...Paved the way for a running attacked that averaged 235.2 yards, ranking ninth in the nation...Was the main reason the team featured two 1,000-yard rushers in Marshawn Lynch(1,281) and Justin Forsett(1,028)...Evidence of his dominance is the fact that opposing defensive ends managed a total of twelve tackles with one stop for a loss, no sacks and no pressures in ten starting assignments...Did not allow an opponent to register any statistics in five contests

    O'Callaghan-5th round.

    Amazing. We really lucked out again.
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    In fact, I'd add to that resume a huge chunk of the credit for J.J. Arrington's success in 2004. By all accounts he was the best run-blocking RT in the NCAA over that two-year span.

    But to be fair we should also add to the resume a second concussion and surgeries on both shouders, which is why he dropped to the 5th. If he's healthy, he's a steal.
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  3. Slagathor

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    Strangely though, even with those injuries, I believe he only missed one game.

    I always wanted us to get a big moose tackle on our O-line (no offense to Light), but at 6-7 330lbs, this guy is all that and more.
  4. primetime

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    To be fair, you could probably find stuff like that for the most obscure 7th round pick.
  5. maverick4

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    The O'C is like Billy Bob from that movie Varsity Blues.

    He's huge and effective when healthy, but got a little dinged up in college so most NFL teams stayed away.

    Our goal line offense will be POTENT with him on the line this year.
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    What, for goodness sakes, does luck have to do with it ?? ?? ??

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