What offensive formation to start the Bills game?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fencer, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Fencer

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    Over the course of a game, BB will greatly mix up offensive packages. But a big part of what used to be the success under Weis, and seems to be coming back this season, is the choice of FIRST set with which to attack the defense.

    Against the Jets it was a jumbo package. Against the Bolts it was the shotgun. What will it be against the Bills?

    After their injuries, I have to think the Bills' weakest spot is apt to be their safeties. Maybe the right set is 2TE, 2WR, where both TEs are receivers (if Thomas is healthy). Balanced play-calling between pass and run.

    Not sure if the #2 WR should be Welker or Stallworth.
  2. Fencer

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    By the way -- Brady is so good and so happy in the shotgun/hurry-up I'd be glad to open EVERY game that way, or at least every half in which we take the opening kickoff.

    Indeed, the only problem I can see with more extreme reliance on a hurry-up would be that the defense never gets a chance to rest.
  3. patsox23

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    After thinking "5 wide," I changed my mind to a regular one-back set with Maroney. I'd rather run the ball and worry less about Schoebel and Matt Light. Having said that, we had Merriman to contend with last week and we started 5 wide, so what the Hell to expect? I guess this is why it sucks to be the Bills (or, really, ANYONE) right now.
  4. patriotsdynasty12189

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    Lets establish a running game against these guys. We have a very good running game so far this year.
  5. Patriot_in_NY

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    How bout 6 wide........................... Might as well open the playbook on em' :D
  6. patsfaninpa

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    Don't want to pick an argument. But, I think we come out throwing and loosen them up. Pound them later after we get the lead. This is a different passing attack than any we've had in a long while. No need to play conservative. I like the 3wr's with B.Watson at te. He's basically a slot receiver. One-back for blocking and threat of running game.
  7. SaCaCh

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    I am thinking vanilla offense with a emphasis on the run.
  8. FirstAndGoal

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    I'm thinking the Wishbone or maybe the old Delaware offense. :D

    I'd also like to see the Eagles come out with the QB option since he ran it to death at Syracuse. :singing:
  9. Fencer

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    Well, if we go by pure talent/ability it's probably Moss/Welker/Stallworth/Watson/Maroney.

    Four 1st-round picks and a sleeper who made good.

    But it seems BB usually likes to mix in more blocking than that unit would offer.
  10. The Pats have had some success running the football against them, so my guess would be to get Maroney some more touches and control the game. I think we will see the Pats use a lot of draws to help neutralize the Bills pass rush that usually gives our tackles fits.
  11. JaredOfNazareth

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    In week 1 Travis Henry had a huge day. In week 2 Willie Parker had a huge day. They are the 3rd worst run defense right now and after this week they could be 1st(YPC they are 2nd). Neither Denver nor Pittsburgh has the passing threat of New England. 2TE 2WR. L. Mo Party Time!
  12. Snake

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    I like that as well. Get some points and give the runners some game time.
  13. p8ryts

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  14. ddell1

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    5 tight end set with Vrable and Seau!
  15. carolinatony

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    Nobody would expect this! Just kidding
    Acyually I would like us to run it more. We all know we can pass so lets work on the running a bit. Of course a few bombs to Moss as well!
  16. jlb51

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    That's the one I recommend.:D
  17. WhiZa

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    exactly. The bills will be practicing the pass all week. Maroney/Morris will light them up.
  18. jlb51

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    Everybody has had success running against us.

    We lack the interior line strength like we used to have.

    Lots of youth that are starting to come along but still taking their licks.

    I hope we can at least give you guys a game worth watching.

    I hear your 16.5 point favorites how do any of you feel about that?
  19. primetime

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    Division game? I'd put my money on the Bills. The Browns beat one of the supposed AFC contenders last week, and the supposedly weak Titans gave the Colts a run for their money. Divisional games are usually close.

    Patriots open up in a jumbo set and say "stop me if you can" to the Bills defensive line, then go play action.
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  20. jlb51

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    The Pats have it all I'm hoping for a good game.

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