What must he be selling these days?

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    he= the moron who started selling t-shirts praising Bernard Pollard after the hit on Brady last season
    now that the steelers are without two of their premier players becuase of injuries
    Troy Polamalu (out for a few weeks)
    and Aaron Smith who is out for the season.............
    and given the way their division opponents are playing this season, the steelers will have a tough time making the playoffs......
    btw here is the the link to the t-shirts just in case ppl have forgotten

  2. Wolfpack

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    Interesting website but I think if you're going to sell crappy, single color, unlicensed shirts with vague references to the team (but nothing that crosses copyright laws), then you should be pumping them out at 10 bucks a pop, not $20 to $29 - and yes that includes you too, Mr. Jerry Remy. If I was going to spend $25 on a t-shirt, I'd buy an authorized (and higher quality) product.

    For the record, I shouldn't say "none" of his shirts cross copyright laws. There are a few in there which I would consider to be infringements, specifically the ones which show a player's name and likeness.
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