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What makes you think God wants less for his children than you for yours?

Discussion in 'Religion and Lighthearted Discussion' started by Greatest I am, Jun 9, 2014.

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    May 31, 2013
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    What makes you think God wants less for his children than you for yours?

    Most Christians think that God created man to be subservient to him. We are to love honor and most of all obey and serve his wants and needs forever as his heavenly children. In other words, God is always at the top and man is always below.

    As above so below. At end times, God’s law is to prevail on earth.

    As a son, I strained to do as well and even better than my father. It happened naturally and thus I think most people do the same.

    As a parent myself, I want my children to do as well as I have and then bust any record of mine and do better. That to me would be the ideal. That eventually places my children above me, --- where they belong. This is natural and desirable yet God would have the reverse with his children.

    Are you ready to follow your God and have your children subservient to you forever?

    Do you think that to be the natural order of things?

    I would not force my children beneath me and reject a God who would have me beneath him forever.

    I remember what Jesus asked in the bible. Have ye forgotten that ye are Gods?

    My answer is no. What is yours?

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