What it takes to be a great QB (Brady)

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    :eek: wow, the nerds at Football Outsiders discussing "pocket presence"...next thing you know they'll be admitting -- despite his splendid DPAR rating -- that Peyton is the ultimate system QB...nah, it'll never happen.
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    Brady has excellent mechanics...
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    Julius Peppers can chase you down much faster than the defensive end from Baylor could

    And in one sentance we have the reason I feel Reggie Bush is going to be a colossal bust in the NFL.
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    Bush won't be able to rely purely on his speed, agreed, but he still has so many juke and side-step moves to be good. With Bush, I picture the next coming of Barry Sanders.
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    Not to mention he has good upper body strength (23 reps), and his running style isn't at all like that of say Michael Bennett, another speed RB. Bush is going to be dominant, too bad it's with the Texans and not the Pats.
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