What is your suprise team this year?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by patsinthesnow, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. patsinthesnow

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    Every year a mediocre-poor team goes 10-6 or 11-5.
    Tell your team and why.

    Oakland Raiders-11-5 Wildcard

    You may think I am nuts but if you remember from the Bucs game, Michael Bush looks like a great power back. There runningback core could be the best
    in the AFC. Also, after the draft they should have Crabtree, and their offense
    should be top 5 if Russell can just bomb it. They also have the best CB in the

    I can picture it now, Snow game Part II.
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  2. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    I agree about the Raiders. That division is weak. KC and Denver are rebuilding, and SD hasn't done much to improve on their mediocre '08. The Raiders are in good position to surprise some people, but then again, they are the Raiders so another 5-11 season wouldn't shock me.

    I don't know if they'd be considered a surprise considering where they were in '07, but I think Green Bay will end up having a really good season. I know they're transitioning to a 3-4 defense and all that, but they have the talent on defense and one of the best young QBs in the game on offense. I can see them going 11-5 and taking one of the top seeds in the wide open NFC.
  3. Patriot Missile

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    Ok, you are nuts. Michael Bush has shown nothing thus far except for injuries. That goes for McFadden too. Very few flashes imo. They have offensive line issues and on top of that they have a QB who has shown no pocket presence whatsoever. The one bright spot on offense for them is Zach Miller who was their leading WR. Even with the addition of Crabtree the only chance that team has of going 11-5 is if Tom Cable decides Garcia is their man and the rest of the division worsens.

    I see San Diego improving just with the return of Merriman alone. KC just added Cassel to improve Bowe and Gonzales stock. Their defense shores up a bit with the addition of Vrabel and Zach Thomas. And they have the 3rd pick in the draft to either use for a Tackle to go alongside side Brandon Albert or a very LB in Aaron Curry. Denver will probably be right there with Oakland for now. Third or last place for the Raiders is my prediction.
  4. Seahawks, they had really chronic injury problems last year, The whole of the starting 5 on the Oline all ended up on IR as did most of their recievers. And Hasselbeck missed a tonne of games.
  5. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    Houston Texans - I think this is FINALLY the year they'll get it together under Gary Kubiak. Last year - IF Schaub had stayed healthy the first month, they could have been a bona-fide playoff team - didn't they finish the year strong?

    Denver Broncos - Don't forget with all the Cutler/McDaniels hoopla, that they added Correll Buckhalter AND Brian Dawkins...Buckhalter proved to be a very underrated player with the Eagles when spelling Westbrook, and Dawkins, despite his age and somewhat declining coverage skills, will provide a HUGE BOOST of fire and leadership to that team. Plus they have a ton of picks to work with in this year's draft.

    St. Louis Rams - Steve Spagnuola's brand of football he's bringing here could be very interesting. And don't forget too Andy Reid assistants tend to be very successful wherever they go(i.e. John Harbaugh, Brad Childress, Ron Rivera, etc). I think the attitude that he brings will rub off on the players and get the job done.

    Dallas Cowboys - OK, DON'T laugh...I know I'm a HOMER here...but in all reality, this team tends to play their BEST football when playing UNDER the radar. Last year in the offseason - they were EVERYONE's media darlings...result? They got a big head and didn't play with any kind of sense of urgency. This year - Owens got released, supposedly the Dallas locker room is still fractured, WR Roy Williams is still a question mark, as is Romo, Phillips, and Garrett, the defense is a bit thin, they don't have a #1, etc...which means this team COULD be playing with ALOT to prove this upcoming year, alot like 2 years ago when Wade first arrived.


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    Texans and Raiders
  7. patsinthesnow

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    I know you are a homer but most people, including myself, don't view your Boyz as a suprise. Most people including the "experts" look at them as a top 8 team. This is a good thing.
  8. PatsChamp88

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    Seahawks will win more than 4 same with Bungles as for a playoff chances I have to go with the Texans.
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