What is the problem?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Armen Da Pats Fan, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    Calls, penalties, execution...you can't really blame any of that because those things fluctuate team to team and week to week...

    What you can blame is coaching. Plain and simple.

    Belichick now seems almost defiant about going for it on fourth down even though he has cost his team two very important games by doing so (Indy & Miami).

    Conventional wisdom and pigskin 101 common sense says on the road, you take the three. If he had, in both cases, we would have won, not to mention a perfect season in 2007.

    And there are other coaching errors. Abandoning the running game with a lead and not firing Dean Pees a long forking time ago among them!

    How long are we, as fans, supposed to keep putting on a happy face and saying, "In Bill We Trust!"

    Our season is slipping away!

    Why make this any more complicated than it is?

    BB has been an arrogant, underachieving NFL head coach this season. Period. He is starting to remind less of our Hall of Fame chief and more of some Jerry Glanville clone, bent on shunning conventional wisdom under the guise that he somehow knows better, and losing everything, including his job, along the way!

    Any Pop Warner coach/dad knows you take the three on the road. It is percentages. It is odds. It is simple, fundamental football 101, which is obviously WAY too rudimentary for our beloved El Tyrante.

    We have four games left and we now have to win all four to win our division.

    Quite frankly, we should pound the Panthers, Bills, Jags & Texans, but with Belichick under the headsets, this season, who the fork knows?

    What once looked like a team that was a lock for 13-3, 12-4. now looks like one that could just as easily be 10-6 or 9-7.

    Lost to the Dolphins? Are you shirting me?
  2. DougFlutie

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    The coordinators are the problem.

    Both guys had no NFL experience before joining the team, compared to 10+ years NFL experience for coordinators on other teams. These guys didn't do anything while coaching college either.

    The NFL is a coaches league.
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  3. letekro

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    If the Pats had a conventional coach, they would suck conventionally. As it is, they such unconventionally. Either way you look at it, the players aren't getting the job done. I think they could be put in better positions to succeed by the coaching staff, but guess what?after BB, there isn't much experience there, especially on the offensive staff. The brain drain that has resulted from their success has finally caught up to them. They look rudderless, listless, and they can't make a big play to save their lives.
  4. Rob0729

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    There are problems in every area of this team right now. Many of them are correctable, but here are the biggies:

    - There is no pass rush
    - The lack of pass rush is exposing the secondary
    - Moss is getting too easily taken out of games
    - Brady is making bad decisions and throws at times
    - O'Brien is showing he is a rookie OC
    - Pees doesn't see to have many aggressive play packages and gets too soft too often
    - Belichick is making uncharacteristically bad decisions

    Other than that, everything is great.
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