What is the most overated stat of a player or team in the NFL?

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    I was looking at a few sites that lots of stats and such about everything regarding the NFL and was looking at some stats that really seem to be overated per say.

    In all due respect to Brady and his record breaking 50 TD Passes I think the QB TD Pass is the most overated stat of all.

    Think about every time a QB is at his own 20 yard line or so and throws a 10 yard pass to the sideline to the receiver who ducks by the defender or maybe the defender falls down,The reciever then is all alone down the sidelines and scores a TD - The QB is awarded the stat as a 70 yard TD Pass which was all made more from the receiver and his blockers downfield than the QB - To me the QB TD Pass is well exaggerated.

    To me a perfect 'TD Pass' is one that results in a ball which falls into the end zone into the hands of the receiver,Thats a TRUE TD Pass so in that respect I think its the most inflated stat of all.

    Look at the QBs who have accomplished the most TD Passes in 1 season in NFL History (Marino,Brady,Manning) and you can see that they had all receivers which were top notch talent and who were able to make the moves to get by from what looked like a 10 yard reception into a 70 yard TD,yet the QB gets 1/2 the accolades for the big play.

    In your opinion,What is the most overinflated stat you think is tops among all stats in the NFL?
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    I think the TD statistic is higly overrated regardless of position. I don't care who scored the TD, I care how it was done and who contributed to it. To often a TD follows a huge play that gets you in scoring position. What wis bigger on the drive the play that gets you down there or the one that you actually score on.
  3. dhamz

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    The most overrated stat is tackles. It is not an official stat actually but it is quoted all the time.

    The home scorer keeps tackle stats for each game. Guys like Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher are credited with tackles any time they fall on a pile at home which allows them to have huge numbers.
  4. tobias funke

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    I don't think TD passes are overrated at all. It's hard to get the ball in the end zone consistently, especially with a short field. Brady is one of the best at this.

    I think overall passing yardage is much more meaningless of a stat. The importance of yardage, to me, is how much it contributes to points. Plenty of teams win the 'yardage battle' yet still lose the game.
  5. homerpatsfan

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    QB RATING. shows nothing of the great intangables a QB does that make him great!:rocker: go brady
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    Personally, I think any individual defensive stat is overrated. A quick look at a few:

    Tackles: Often more about the system than anything. Linebackers get tackles while lineman make the tackle possible and get nothing. Also, half the tackles a corner gets shouldn't count, because they allowed them to make the catch in the first place.

    Sacks: A player who gets pressure once a game and actually hits the QB goes to the pro bowl with 16 sacks. Another player causes constant havoc / errant throws with consistent pressure, no sacks. Who's more valuable?

    Interceptions: Remember the Bears game two years ago? Three INT's by Asante, but two of them were just thrown up to god knows where. Also often the result of being thrown at constantly.

    A collection of the stats are a good INDICATOR of a defensive player's worth, but having a lot of one doesn't mean anything. See Seymour, Richard a few years ago.
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    you beat me to it tobias. Not only are passing yards over rated, but it's deceptive also. Team (that stink) will throw more at the end of games that they're losing. I can think of jeff Blake as a qb that had lots of yardage this way.
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    Anything to do with total yards or yards given up. TD passes are overrated if they come at the expense of your RB, but at least it's a TD.

    100's of yards with FGs or nothing at the end is failure.
  9. BradyManny

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    No TD pass is overrated. The point of the game is to get the ball in the end zone, and its a hard thing to do. I don't care if it's a 1 yard play action pass to a tight end or a 50 yard bomb to Moss.

    I think tackles can be an overrated stat, particularly in the Pats system.
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    Regular season wins.

    As long as you make the playoffs, you have a chance.
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