What is our cap status

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    Does anyone feel they cut starks, poole etc?

    Extend seymour? Branch?


    This team will have many holes to fill. WR, OL, LB, CB/S

    we shall see, but it doesn't look positive
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    I think the Pats' cap situation is tight, but manageable.

    Assuming there is a new CBA, they'll pick up $3 to $4 million restructuring Brady's deal.

    They are going to pick up several million restructuring McGinnest, or $7 million if he retires.

    I think they have to cut Poole. He hasn't been on the field in two years.

    Starks is somebody they'd probably like to bring to camp. I think missing all of camp and his injuries last year kept any of use from knowing if he can play a role or not. However, his contract is structured in such a way that they are pretty much forced to cut him before March 2.

    All told, they'll be able to free up enough money to sign their draft picks and fill the holes on the roster with affordable veterans. I don't see the Pats being players in the marquee free agent market this offseason at the currently projected cap levels. If they have some cap room, they'd probably like to get ahead of the game signing extensions with a few guys -- like Branch.

    The question marks are Vinatieri, Seymour, and Givens. We really don't know if these guys are going to try to shoot the moon or if the parameters of deals are in place and everyone has just been waiting for a new CBA to pull the trigger.

    I would guess that two priorities are signing Andre Davis and Artrell Hawkins. These two guys stepped in and contributed nicely this season. It would be nice to build on that.
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