What is John Henry like as an owner?

Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by Calciumee, Oct 5, 2010.

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    For what its worth John Henry and his group that just bought Liver Pool were just voted the best owners in base ball. Just thought you guys would like to know that.
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    Sounds good to me :D Liverpool will no doubt be like the final scenes of Return of the Jedi!
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    I caught part of a statement they released that said they had been owners in one form or another for 30 years and that they're about winning (of course They all say that). That they intend to find the best people to run Liver Pool, ie coaches and players. I believe it, they're similar to Kraft, hire good people that understand what they're doing and get out of the way.
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    That is what all Liverpool fans want to hear! An owner who realizes the better his team is, the more money they can make :)

    At the moment, Tom Hicks is giving interviews and saying that he is going to try and sue! He had opened a case for $1.6 BILLION for damages, but dropped it yesterday!
    All the facts he has given have seemed to be wrong! According to him, they spent on average £81 million a year on transfers. The actual figure, taking into account money earned from selling players is actually £2.5 million!
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    Henry is about a trillion miles away in terms of first impressions compared to Hicks and Gillett. The other two came with that swagger and arrogance, we're going to do this, buy that, spend this including a cringeworthy interview were George got a wad of dollars out and shook it at the camera, the dope. They never got Liverpool, it's values and they never got the people here, people who don't care who you are or where your from. We don't do flashy, nor fame and everything in this city is earned. Henry seems more humble and knowlegable.

    Reality and facts are simply this, Hicks never spent a penny. They took over the club and promised no debt publicly while behind the scenes loaded all aquisition debt onto the club and the cheeky [email protected] tried to suck every last pound out the club. They should have never sold the club to leverage specialists and David Moores and Rick Parry should be thanking their lucky stars this club wasn't ruined, the greatest football club in the world was nearly crippled and very nearly another Leeds United if we were lucky.

    Hicks still wants to sue for damages the cheeky, forgetful [email protected] We should be suing him for damages the pain he and his d!ckhead of a partner caused this club and the fans. He never gave a sh!t about the club, behind the scenes insulting Liverpool and it's fanbase, his jumped up rich boy son abusing fans in e-mails....mind you he did get thrown out of a pub here for being a flashy tart. He and Gillett have "swindleled" this club and it's fans for three years, funs over now, you got what was coming and that was your stetson and a first class ticket out of here.

    It doesn't matter if your American, what matters is you run the club right and successfully. If Henry and his group can do that he'll find warmth, family and support like no other place in the world. I really do hope this club can start again and Henry and the board can put the club in a position to healthily run itself and compete with the top four again.
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    Liverpool got new owners that will do everything in their power to put the best team possible on the field and make going to the matches as enjoyable as possible for the fans. congratulations!

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