What is Bernard Pollard, an idiot?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TommyBrady12, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. TommyBrady12

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  2. Yes, he is. However, I don't know if it's King's words or someone else's, but the Pats running back (Sammy Morris) didn't miss Pollard on the play.
    Morris didn't miss the block, he initially took Pollard down, but the jackass had the nerve to get up just enough to dive head first into Brady's knee. In fact, talking about it again pisses me off because I don't agree with what Pollard did. I felt it was cheap and I think Pollard was pissed because he initially got thrown to the ground by Morris. To me, diving at a person's legs when they are stationary like a QB is the dirtiest move you can do. I can understand when you are a big TE or a player that is hard to tackle on the move, but when you are standing still, the risk of injury skyrockets.

    And one last thing, Bernard Pollard is a moron.
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  3. bigjunk1

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    One of KC's lineman really should have beat him like a drum. That jackass could have killed their season right there.

    At what point does this guy get held responsible for being such a putz?


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    If I were Pioli I tell Bernard the next time he hits a player below the waist and the player is in Red and White he is cut,Enough of this cheap shot,I didn't realize nonsense.

    This guy is a smaller version of Tatum...but MUCH less talented
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  5. WhiskeyBreath

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    If I'm an offensive lineman on that team I bury him right then and there.
  6. mgcolby

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    The nerve that jackass had, to actually do what he has been taught since he put on a uniform... :eek: Don't give up on the play! Play to the whistle! Get to the guy with the ball at all cost! Don't quit because you got knocked down! Get back up and make a play! The quotes go on and on.

    Calling someone a jackass for playing hard and doing the RIGHT thing that accidentally caused an injury in a violent sport is ridiculous.

    Get over it, Brady has! Maybe that is because Brady actually understands what I just wrote. It was a fluke play that was done without malice, no more no less.
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  7. Pujo

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    When someone makes an accusation of dirty play, the burden is on them to show some evidence of it. Actually, the fact that Pollard also hit his own teammate in a similar way tells me that it's quite possibly an accident.

    Remember when Rodney popped Troy Brown back in 2003? What if Brown had gotten a consussion, would we all have been cussing out Rodney-the-dirty-safety?
  8. eom

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    everybody has to have a signature move.

    if I'm his agent, I'm on the phone right now with Vlasic to endorse their pickle spears.


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    Believe me,If Pollard takes out the starting QB on his own team accident or not, he is going to get gang tackled by fellow teammates,Its not going to go over nicely if it happens within the team ....That is unless the fellow players think Thigpen is better for winning games :eek:.
  10. mgcolby

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    That is understandable and without a doubt he would get beat down. But the poster I was responding to was specifically talking about Brady. Two completely different situations.
  11. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    The hit on Brady was not "dirty" but if you hit your own QB during practice.... well then I hope you enjoy do wind sprints until you puke.
  12. farn

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    He just wants Thigpen to "Pull a Cassel" in 2010.
  13. TommyBrady12

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    i wonder if he can get a patent on that move? :D
  14. TommyBrady12

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    exactly. while i feel the hit on brady was not dirty and just a guy playing till the whistle blows, you would think he wouldn't do that to his OWN qb.
  15. KontradictioN

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    Good luck, buddy. I kept saying this last season and got attacked from all angles. You can clearly see who has and who hasn't played football before in their life from the responses you'll get. Well, it's either they haven't played football before or they're just crybabies. Either one works. :cool:
  16. It's easy to get over it when you're making millions of dollars and were able to recover from that injury. You and I have had this go around before, but I don't like the fact that Pollard got up just enough to dive at a vulnerable QB. That hit could've easily ended his career. I understand that nobody should give up on a play but Pollard's hit was uncalled for. Your right, it was a freak injury because players are taught to tackle at the waist, not the legs. In my opinion, you're a p**** if you dive at somebody's ankles or horse collar a player from behind.
  17. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Yeah, but it would be ironic as all heck if Pollard ended Cassel's carreer.
  18. mgcolby

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    Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just think your stance on this isn't practical.

    But I ask you this: Will you call Mayo a ***** when he dives at a RB's ankles to make a tackle at some point in week 1, because he isn't in position to tackle the back at the waist?

    In a perfect world you square up, put your nose on the football, get your shoulder in the ball carriers gut, wrap up around the back of the thighs, lift, drive and put the ball carrier on his back. Unfortunately that isn't possible the majority of the time.

    And personally, I would rather have dealt with a guy in the stands calling me a ***** - because I made a shoe string tackle - then my coach benching me for quitting on the play.
  19. You obviously missed it because I already covered that in my first post.
    Shoe string tackles and diving at somebody's knee's when they are stationary are completely different. It's easier to absorb a hit on the move when players dive at your legs, but when you're stationary, 99.9% of the time you will be on IR.
  20. DaBruinz

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    There is a difference between getting up and trying to make a play and getting up to dive at someone's knees. Pollard did the later, not the former.
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