What is Belichick doing with Joe Torre?

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    In return, Molina gets workout
    By Greg A. Bedard
    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Belichick visits Roger Dean Stadium: New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick visited the ballpark as La Russa's guest. It was the first time they had met, but Belichick was a college classmate of Buzz Bissinger, the Friday Night Lights author who also wrote a book about La Russa.

    Belichick talked with Yankees manager Joe Torre on the field after the game, and La Russa introduced Belichick to several players in the locker room. One was Isringhausen.

    "Are you getting lessons?" Isringhausen asked La Russa. "Maybe on how to win the big one?"

    La Russa replied: "I knew I didn't like you for a reason."

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  2. mikey

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    While we are all agonizing over the free agents signings or lack of it, Mr. Belichick is having a great time in Florida enjoing the sunshine and getting a nice vacation.

    If Mr. Belichick is not worried about the free agents departure, maybe should all relax and enjoy the nice weather outside. :D

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    I used to think BB was Mr. Perfect, that he could do no wrong, that he could NEVER alienate me....Well, I was wrong!!! Joe Torre??? Bill you're killing me!! :D

    So long as he is not giving the Yanks pep talks..... He usually goes to florida around this time of year. He was in the dugout for a Sox spring game a few years back and has been fishing in the keys with Jimmy Johnson...... No worries, I am sure he has his cell phone with him! Also, doesn't Adam have a house in Orlando???
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    Yes, Adam does have a house in Orlando. I read somewhere that he went back there after his visit with Green Bay.

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