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  1. denverpatsfan

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    1st of all HUGE win for the Pats. As it was stated this WAS a must win game. Congrats to the Pats on winning the division when all others penciled in the Phins. The Pats can now rest key starters next week.

    Some thoughts about the game.

    It was looking like a shoutout until a MAJOR brain cramp by the D on the Jags 1st TD. WTF. Most BB teams would not make that mistake. Maybe the league has scared the players into fearing a flag on a late hit.

    The second Jags TD was the result of Asante playing a potential run by the QB rather than sticking with his man. Bad choice! This guy will get a HUGE free agent contract in the offseason BTW.

    The 3rd TD I think WE ALL were too relaxed after going up by 10. I know I was.

    Game plan was AWESOME today. Loved the short passing attack. Also just when you were wondering why they were going with the pass at the end of the game, when they needed to kill the clock, they DID go to the running game.

    Brady was good and his receivers were better today. Plenty of tough catches made even when it was a bad throw. I hate to slam Brady for missing Brown at the end of the game. He made plenty of plays today, not just with his arm.

    Absolutely love Evans. His blocking is just what this running game needs.

    Can you believe LoMo is back?? TORN friggin cartilage and he is running for tough yards after first contact.

    Kudos to the posters here on this board who called this win. After all the Pats had won 5 out of 6 all time against this club.

    Just booked my flight back east for the playoff game.

    My playoff preview of the Donkees to follow.

    Go Pats!
  2. Box_O_Rocks

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    Mike Wright was "the man" playing in relief of Wilfork. Two good games in a row from him as a reserve NT. Sanders also stood out today. Nice to see TBC leading the Pats in tackles too.
  3. MrBigglesWorth

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    Brady seems a little more fired up, not that he isn't most of the time. He seemed more focused today like he was in the Chicago game.

    I think he exponentially enhanced his mojo.
  4. SVN

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    one thing our D can do better is tackle...a lot of our players seem to go for big hit instead of wrapping up the player...quite unlike our former teams..
    we gave more than 1 first down like that today..

    offensively in think this was their best game...esp brady's including the packer and minn game because this D is better..
    i think watson not being in the game last 2 weeks,has been a blessing in disguise because i felt brady was getting predictable throwing to him on 3rd downs or tough situations, but now with gaffeny and thomas emerging maybe it helps brady be more confident.
    sure a lot of people will think why we dont play like this off against every time but i doubt this consistent spread off will work if the opp has bailey or lynch . so i doubt we will see this gameplan again unless we play another similar team.

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