What happens if Samuel doesnt sign the franchise tender?

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    Here is a question for Miguel or for anyone who can answer it: What would happen if Samuel refused to sign the franchise tender by the deadline of June 15? I know he can still negoiate with other teams, but compensation would be 2 first round picks or pats can match any offer. but what if samuel were to just simply not sign the tender? do patriots still have his rights?
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    First off the date is by july 16.....This is the LAST thing Asante would ever do.

    He would not play in 2007,receive no salary and most importanly....would NOT accrue another year towards FA.

    In other words......He would accomplish nothing,but be a year older and would be in the same position as he is now with the Patriots.,
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    The deadline is usually July 15th. But because the 15th falls on a Sunday, the deadline for a franchise player to reach a long-term deal this year is EOB, July 16th.

    As a franchise player Samuel has until November 13th to sign his tender in order to play during the 2007 season.

    Q -- What is the time period for free-agency signings this year? A -- For restricted free agents, from March 2 to April 20; for unrestricted free agents, from March 2 to July 22 (or the first scheduled day of the first NFL training camp, whichever is later); and for franchise players, from March 2 through the 10th week of the season (Nov. 13). http://www.nfl.com/freeagency/qa

    From the CBA itself:
    "If a Franchise Player (Samuel in this case) does not play in the NFL in a League Year, his Prior Team (the Patriots) shall have the right to designate such player as a Franchise Player or a Transition Player the following League Year, if such designation is otherwise available to the Team, except that the applicable tender must be made and any 120% tender shall be measured from the Player’s prior year salary. If such a player is redesignated as a Franchise
    Player for the League Year following the League Year in which he does not play, the player may be designated only under Section 2(a)(i) above, except that Draft Choice Compensation of only one first round draft selection
    and one third round draft selection shall be made with respect to such player in the event he signs with the New Club. If such a player is designated as a Franchise Player for a third time, the terms of Section 2(b) above, shall
    apply. If a Franchise Player who has sufficient Accrued Seasons to become an Unrestricted Free Agent is not designated as a Franchise Player or Transition Player for any League Year immediately following a League
    Year in which he does not play, then on the first day of that League Year, the player becomes an Unrestricted ​
    Free Agent and is completely free to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with any Club, and any Club is completely free to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with such player, without penalty or restriction, including, but not limited to, Draft Choice Compensation between Clubs or First Refusal Rights of any kind, or any signing period.

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    thanks, great job as always
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    Seems to me that if things stay as they are there's no reason why Asante would sign until just before the first game of the season... he'd stay out of camp as well I would think both to protest the lack of a long-term contract and out of the need to avoid a training camp injury.

    .. but to think that the guy with the tatoo on his chest that says "Get Paid" who has been earning $500,000 a season is going to decline to make $500,000 A GAME as the franchise player this year strikes me as a bit far fetched.

    He and his agents have decided to play the "trade me" card to generate exactly the type of chatter it did - just weeks prior to the draft and at a time when the Redskins trade with the Bears for #6 fell through.

    The Patriots will certainly listen to offers but I think they would have no problem seeing him play under a one year contract this year, and if he continues performing, might even be inclined to bump him 20% next year too
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    The timing of Samuel whining seems a bit contrived to me as well.

    As I stated in a pervious thread, I think the Pats have intentionally stalled these negotiations to get a feel for the trade market for Samuel. I still think Asante is a notch below the top CBs in the league, and the team feels that way as well. If a trade for a mid 1st round pick or a 2nd/1st in 2008 is possible, expect the team to bite. Any offer lower than #20 this year or some package that includes day 1 picks both this year and next, and we keep Asante for the year, at the franchise tender. If Samuel produces at his 2006 level, then the team will feel more comfortable signing him to a long term deal at an elite pay level. If not, expect another tag and/or trade.

    This will probably turn contentious in the eyes of the media, but it is the best course of action for the team to bide its time and wait for the best case scenario to develop.
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    Do you expect Samuel to be a team player if he is forced to play?
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    he is NOT FORCED to play football. samuel chooses to play in the nfl; the money he makes will afford him benefits far greater than kings of 100 years ago... for that, yes, i expect him to do anything his team expects of him... he is welcome to seek employment outside the nfl if he feels the $8M/year that HIS union agreed to is not enough money for his abilities (just like any other american can do). What do you think walmart would pay him?
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    Samuel will show up out of shape and do anything he asked to do, and be paid $500K a game. He will sign his franchise contract as provided for by the CBA, which allows teams to keep one player from choosing his employer, after playing under a rookie contract at a place of the owners' choice. The CBA provides for various levels of free agency, but restricts the very top players from having free agency. As the patriots say, this is a business.

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    If Samuel shows up the week before the season starts, signs the tag and is on IR in two weeks, will Samuel be paid his full franchise amount?

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    It depends on what the injury is. If its deemed a NON-Football injury, then no, he won't necessarily get his full amount.

    I am sure that if Samuel shows up out of shape, that the Pats could find a way to put him on the Non-Football injury IR if they wanted to really play hardball with Asante.

    Personally, Asante is being frigging stupid. If he signs a 3 year deal worth about 20 million with 10 of it guaranteed, then he'd get paid well AND he'd still be in his prime when he hit the market again.
  12. mgteich

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    Please write down that number. I suspect that he will get that much and play for someone he'd rather play for in 2006, some team where he has a future.

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