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What Happened

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Harry Boy

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    What has happened to Americans since WWII:

    Political correctness (or "re-education") happened,
    lack of God's name happened,
    lack of personal responsibility happened,
    lack of personal integrity and honesty happened,
    lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened,
    lack of being an American happened.

    If a man were to say "God Damn America" in 1944 he would have been crucified.

    If in 1944 politicians like Murtha/Kerry had degraded our Troops as they did they wouldn't have been able to leave their houses without getting their brains kicked in, both of these Swine wore the uniform of The American Miliatry and both disgraced it.

    Sean Penn would have been set on fire.

    Now, we have "THE PELOSI GANG" what has happened to America------:confused:
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  2. tanked_as_usual

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    Jan 2, 2007
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    religion and liberals are 2 cats whose tails I would love to tie together and throw over a clothesline........then maybe they will both die
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