What ever happened to DelRio's accusation?

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  1. jeffd

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    At half time the network sideline reporter said that Del Rio was livid about communication system problems saying that "it seemed to go out at key moments" and that he will be asking the NFL to investigate. I know that often times, especially with real time reporting, things get misunderstood or turn out to be flat wrong but that is a HUGE accusation to just let linger and not substantiate or correct.

    Anyone hear that and/ or any follow up to it?
  2. PatsLoad

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    yeah that was pretty funny I was wondering about this as well
  3. KDPpatsfan

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    I didn't take it as him insinuating anything bad about the pats, just that he was pissed it wasn'y working and wanted it fixed.
  4. PatsLoad

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    Well he claimed it was at "key moments" so I took it as somewhat of an accusation
  5. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Right... NFL teams bring their own communication systems. It was Jaguars equipment, not equipment that the Pats provide to him. So he'd have no beef with us anyway.

    His problem was that when he complained to the Ref, he asked them to make the Pats remove their headsets as well until the problem was worked out. The ref's refused saying there's nothing in the rules that would make them do that. So now he's going to speak to the competition committe this offseason and see if he can get a 'fairness rule' in place on it.

    Problem was fixed at halftime by the way.
  6. Fanfrom1960

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    I heard they're questioning Red Auerbach about it. ;)
  7. PATSNUTme

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    I think that under NFL rules, that if one teams equipment isn't working , the other team has to stop using theirs. I've seen that several times.

    Perhaps it was coming in and out and the ref didn't rule thatit was down. Important to note: he said "at key moments" if wasn't working. What the hell does that mean? So, at non-key moments it was working.:eek:
  8. T-ShirtDynasty

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  9. patsox23

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    "Del Rio said the problem resulted in false starts."

    How? This makes NO SENSE to me.
  10. Bella*chick

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    At least he had a sense of humor about the fact that his team played worse in the second half after the problem had been addressed. I know when I was watching the game I thought a much bigger deal was going to be made about it afterwards, but it just sort of never came up.
  11. checkedout

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    I remember this very well and yes, it was an accusation.
  12. marty

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    The guy behind the grassy knoll is whispering in his headset...ready,set,GO! :)
  13. alamo

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    I think that's a misquote in the article -- I remember hearing Del Rio say it resulted in the two delay of game penalties in the first half, not false starts.

    There was a post on Indystar by bobsports4 which explained a few things. I suddenly can't see more than a few days of past posts there, either their board got trashed like this one did or they limited unregistered users. Anyway, I recall the following:

    - There are two separate communications systems -- coaches to booth and sideline to quarterback.

    - The coaches to booth system is provided by the home team. This is the system where the NFL rule says if one team's communications goes out the other team must turn theirs off as well.

    - The sideline to QB system, on the other hand, travels with the team. (It has to, part of the system is fitted inside the QB's helmets.) There is an independent NFL offical who cuts this system off with 15 seconds to go on the play clock. There is no NFL rule which says if one team's goes out the other team needs to turn theirs off.

    - Communications problems from the sideline to the QB are not that unusual, since it's a wireless system and the airspace is shared with other wireless devices. This is often solved by changing to a different channel (not as easy as it sounds, for the QB side). I believe the communications are encrypted.

    I think probably that the reason there were no problems in the 2nd half is that they changed channels.
  14. Na_polian

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    And he was whining, apparently, about how unfair it was that New England could still use theirs. I believe I heard something mentioned about possibly looking for a rule change on that in the offseason - where if one team's Comm gear goes down, the other team can't use theirs or some happy hor**** like that.

    That opens up a lot of opportunities for abuse, IMHO... what would stop a coach, in the final minutes of a game, when the other team is on a potentially game-winning or tying drive, from saying "My gear ain't working... make them stop using theirs whaaa whaaa whaaa" etc...
  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    "Cory from Jacksonville: Leftwich, the most immobile quarterback ever, with a broken ankle, led the team in rushing.
    Vic: That's the kind of statistic that is going to stick with the Jaguars through the offseason. It's the kind of statistic that can make you resolute about running the ball."

  16. mtbykr

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    Like delrio said: they played much better in the first half and they played like crap in the second half. Mabey they should have shut off that system after the third quarter! :D
  17. PATSNUTme

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    These AFC south teams sure do like to get rule changes.:rolleyes:

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