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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by fleabassist1, Nov 17, 2008.

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    #12 Jersey

    What do you think of my fantasy team? I think this is the best team I have ever had! Even better - I drafted Tom Brady... so with that in mind I'm doing pretty good.

    QB List
    Kurt Warner * Monster Year, over 300 yards in last 5 games with a hell of a lot of touchdowns more then INTs.
    Matt Cassel Picking it up as of late, I'm comfortable with him as my backup.

    WR List
    Dwayne Bowe * Great on a weekly basis - will occasionally get the big game.
    Terrell Owens * Big disappointment this year - but what can I do, he's still a must start.
    Eddie Royal * Once in a while a bad game, but all in all I like him on a weekly basis.
    Matt Jones Jags #1, great alternative / backup.
    Marvin Harrison Another disappointment, but I got him off the waiver.

    RB List
    Reggie Bush * He's been hurt the past couple of weeks, but my league rewards for return TD's - plus hes a threat with the pass and run - big producer when he plays.
    Warrick Dunn * Just picked him up today, going to start against the lions = going to have a huge week.
    Willis Mcgahee My biggest disappointment. His biggest game happens to be the one I bench him - and he underproduces every time I start him.
    Tim Hightower I dropped Ed James for this guy - and he has not produced.
    Mewelde Moore Helped me last week, only holding on to him to hold a bench spot currently.

    TE List
    Dustin Keller * Picked up today - looks to be a threat.

    K List
    David Akers * Great seeing as how the eagles can only kick FGS. Scores at least 5 points a game.

    DEF List
    Baltimore * I thought Baltimore was going to have a much larger season then they have - but okay once in a while.

    Baltimore and Marvin where both big time producers in their days - to bad they have fallen apart. :(

    * designates starter

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