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What do you have the most confidence in? - Least confidence? from 1-10

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    O.K. Since we have a real good feel about what our team should be like come september now that the best of Free Agency and the Draft are gone,Before training camp comes around,its time to think about as of right now what are you most confident (thinking success is certain) about the team and what are you least confident (or concerned with) on this team.

    I have 10 catagories to rank - 1 being MOST CONFIDENT
    Down to
    10 being LEAST CONFIDENT

    What IYO is #1 to #10?

    Passing Game
    Rushing Game
    Special Teams (FGs,O/D on Punts,O/D on kicks)
    Defensive Line Pressure on opposing QB
    Defense against the run
    Defense against the pass
    Josh McDaniels playbook
    Dean Pees playbook
    Ability to hopefully Avoid key injury
    Offensive line Protection

    I have them ranked as ....

    1) Passing Game - With Brady and this new batch of receivers you almost have to be confident this will be by far the most success this team will show

    2) Defense against the pass - I think a healthy Ellis Hobbs and the return of Rodney + Meriweather's debut and hopefully Asante's return will make this a very solid and decent secondary with some nice depth with Gay and Sanders included -If Asante does not return this drops down from #2 quite a bit

    3)Special Teams - I love Miller out there kicking and Gostkowski can only get better,and if you have Larry Izzo out there as captain of this group you know it will always be a solid unit

    4) Dean Pees Playbook - Dean has so many talented players on this D I think he will find ways to avoid having the lack of depth at LB to be a problem,He is a very good DC,Maybe even better than Romeo when all is said and done,I have confidentce he will send a blitz when its needed and will back off when he thinks longball,he was very good at that last year.

    5) Defense against the run - I think Seymour can only improve his play from last year when I felt he was just not the old Seymour and was not a factor in most games but with Warren and Wilfork continuing to improve and impress,I think this is a dynamic trio if all are on the same page - The linebackers of course will be key to this once a RB clears the first line of defense.

    6) Defensive Line Pressure - Just like the one above they need to be all on the same page and make those offensive line guys move backwards consistently - It was not a thing of beauty last year as many QBs had way too much time to throw,I think it can and should improve,especially with Adalius from the back sticking his body in there often to help out with that.

    7) Running Game - This will depend on us having a 100% healthy Maroney at least by a 1/4 into the season,He will be the key to a solid running game and Morris's play will be critical when his name is called upon,especially if Maroney can't do it.-If Maroney's injury lingers on,this area will be the biggest concern in my book.

    8) Offensive Line Protection - With Mankins,Light and Koppen I am confident those areas will be pretty safe,I am concerned with Kaczur and O'Callahans play enough to worry about Brady's backside so I rank it at #8

    9) Josh McDaniel's playbook - Can Josh keep this offense from being as dynamic as it should be? - going by some judgemental plays from last year where the offense was not where it should have been,I will worry about what he comes up with until we show some nice selection of plays a few games together,with this offense it is no longer time to be anywhere near conservative Josh - Show us what experience in your 1st year has done for you in your second season,I hope it has improved and it should since you went from a water pistol squad to a .45 magnum squad in your second season.

    10) Ability to hopefully Avoid Key Injury - This has been my biggest fear for the past 5 years week in and week out and unfortunately it did not let me down,Almost always we endure years end injury to a top performer on this team but somehow were able to overcome,I just hope this will be the year where only joe shmoes are out for awhile and no one really cares and the media barely talks about it.
    Where does your confidence rank in these from top to bottom?
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