What do we have to do to beat the JAGS?

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  1. I've been reading these forums for a few months, and see very little opinion on actual strategy. With this in mind I decided to register. It's good to be a member!

    So lets get some discussion on what we have to do to beat the much maligned Jacksonville Jaguars. On offense, their main strength seems to lie with their big athletic D line. I think they should play as much as they can in the hurry up offense, to tire these guys out and keep them off the ball. Also a heavy dose of Corey should exploit some of the penetration they will undoubtedly get. They are hoping to get to Brady, trying to render him inneffective. This is a viable strategy, but can be counteracted. I expect to see lots of screens and timing patterns. I doubt we will see many 5 step drops.

    On defense they should just be able to concentrate on the JAX running game. Taylor can tear up the ground, which is why I also believe Bruschi needs to play, as Beisel looks simply lost against the run. They say Leftwich is a lock to play, which will strengthen their passing game, but I doubt it will be enough to properly exploit our secondary, and I think Hawkins and Hobbs are gelling at just the right time.

    Let me know what you think!
    and Hello to all.
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    Welcome, has your psychiatrist talked with you about your screen name?

    Run game: It has been suggested that the Jags big DTs, Stroud and Henderson, can be worn down using stretch plays to force them to play laterally. This will require our TEs and OLs to get upfield and block the MLB, Peterson, who is quite fast and plays well sideline to sideline.

    Passing: Brady played against a similar secondary when Tampa came to town. Givens ability to play strong and read Tommy's mind will be key to fitting into the holes in the zones. The TEs should play a key role in the middle. Faulk and Pass will be big out of the backfield. And there may be a few screens.

    Defensively: The Jags are going to try and create mismatches with their WRs against our CBs to loosen up the defense for the run game. Leftwich can get the ball deep to his boys and we saw Hawkins have good position and still be beaten by a larger WR. Against Miami Hobbs was picked on by Booker who is more of a Troy Brown type guy, he did better against Chambers who had size and wasn't as quick so he will be competitive against the Jags. Samuel has been our weak link, but briefly looked good against the Jets before getting his bell rung. The front seven need to hold against the run and get rushers to Leftwich early to get him off balance and force the Jags to run to open up the passing game again.

    Special Teams: The coverage team needs to limit Jacksonville's returns and force Leftwich to drive the length of the field. Hopefully we can get long returns out of Davis and Johnson, but Scobee leads the league in touchbacks this season.
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    stop the run

    i agree with most of these thoughts. gotta stop ze run. IMO, patriots are going to get around 21 points whether we can run the ball or not. even if brady's having a $h!tty day. we got more than that many points even in the games we lost.
    i don't think jacksonville can score more than 14 if they can't run the ball. disguise it every way you want (i love that stuff they do at the line of scrimmage), but 6-1-4 sounds good to me. Taylor & Jones set up their passing game. they can beat us. i do not think leftwich or garrand can do it.
    i wish we had another 250-lb linebacker to put inside. with inly vrabel and (maybe) bruschi, there's not rotation without dropoff.
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    Short Answer - Pass Rush.

    Jax's shortest receiver (6'1" Smith) is taller than our tallest (6'0" Givens). Their other receivers are 6'6" 6'4" and 6'4". If Leftwich has time to deliver the ball accurately, it could be troublesome. If forced to rush the throws, the secondary will have the chance to make some plays. Hold on to the damned ball Asante!
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    I seem to remember when the Patriots played the Jags 2 years ago, the Patriots were able to totally shut down the Jags offense other than 2 or 3 plays where Leftwich kind of just throught the ball out there for his receiver to make a play.

    I think that is the only way the Jags have a chance. With the Jags big receivers, they will have their chance for big plays if the receivers can out jump and out muscle our average defensive backfield. The Jags receivers will not be running wild and wide open, they will try to make plays on jump balls and come backs.
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    We have done that too many times this year. They will be expecting it. I think the first play should be a screen play to the TE. Take advantage of the aggresiveness that the D will be playing with. Think about it, the secondary will be playing off especially if they throw Davis out there wide, the linebackers will be blitzing and the D line will try and get up field. That would leave Ben or Daniel plenty of rumbling room. Just my 2 cents.
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    Look for a big day from Faulk and Pass. The Jags are abyssmal covering RBs out of the backfield. They are one of the best vs. the Tight end.
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    But I think Corey would have to be in there to really sell it. If Pass or Faulk are in there then I would expect a run, maybe a draw. I just love watching those two TE's running down field punishing DB's. My brother and I were just talking about the first play of the game and I thought about the deep pass to Davis but I think they would be expecting that, if we do try something like that then hopefully it goes to branch or givens on the opposite side of the field from davis. Davis would most likely get the Safety's attention leaving Branch or Givens in man coverage on the outside.
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    As Jimmy Johnson would say "Run the ball and stop the run you win the game"
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    Interesting analysis. If that be so, which I don't doubt, let's keep the TEs in to block for pass (double meaning pun intended) protection and run blocking. And when the time is ripe, send 'em out to slip behind the cheating up LBs.
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    It makes a lot of sense to run the stretch, to get outside of those freaks they have at DT. I like that thought, whomever said it. There will be an offense similar to 2003 run I would guess with 3 step drops and timing routes. Brady can dink and dunk them with the occassional shot down the field.

    On defense, stop the run and if they pass, delayed blitzes / plenty of stunts, or else Leftwich can exploit the height advantage.

    Reading the Halberstam book really helps to TRY (and I stress TRY) to guess what BB will do to them.
  12. bucky

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    I think the Pats match up very well vs the Jags offensively. Brady routinely picks apart cover 2 defenses - especially with so-so safeties - so the Jags are going to be forced to blitz. This should set up the screen game. Branch and Givens are excellent at releasing against press coverage and I think Branch is by far the quickest WR the Jags have faced this year. He could have a big game.

    I think the Pats can also run successfully from their 3 WR package.

    Defensively, I think the Pats will stop the run and sit back in 2 and 3 deep zones forcing Leftwich to thread the needle. No way the Pats leave their DBs 1-1 with those huge WRs. I think Colvin and Seymour have a mismatch vs. Khalif Barnes. So I expect a lot of pressure from Leftwich's blind side.
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    I agree with dryheat44. The passrush. If Leftwich doesn't have time to throw or throws while moving about on that gimpy ankle, then the Patriots can feed their DBs the interceptions necessary to turn the game into a massacre. Also using the running game to wear down the DTs is a good way to finish them off. When the DTs are wore out and their hands on their hips while suckin wind, Dillon and Faulk can walk through their line to the endzone.
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    And those tight ends, don't forget the tight ends! Here's to getting Daniel and Ben on the field together!

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