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    Okay, folks, preseason reality is a week away!

    I have a question for the preseason elite tracking corps hereabouts.... what do you think we get to actually see in these games?

    1) I know everybody's going vanilla with their offensive and defensive packages, that's a given. That still leaves room for two TEs and an H-back in the mix... think we'll get to see Mills and Thomas in that set, along with either a lesser prospect, or maybe Graham (assuming Watson gets kept out most of the game?)

    2) O'Callaghan should be pretty easy to evaluate, compared to some others. We should get a good look at him in both run and pass situations... but even if he does level a buncha second and third stringers, what is the ceiling on what that can be taken to "mean"?

    3) The shiniest new toys, Maroney and Jackson, may or may not both make it into this first game... but when they're both ready, do you keep them in for the experience, or hold them out for the injury risk? Again, we know we won't see the first team in for that long... but we're thin at receiver and Corey might not be a guy you want to count on staying un-injured (jury's still out... but that leaves us with ONE guy who could carry the load.) So do we get to see these guys much, or do the Pats drop it down one notch on the depth chart?

    4) Any other ideas of what we do and don't get to see?

    Inquiring minds and all that,

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    We'll definitely get to see some unproven linebackers.

    Sorry, couldn't help it.:D

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    im hoping to see LoMo get a lot of time at least a whole quarter with Dillon probably playing less than 1 quarter..Faulk usually working with second offense and Patrick Cobbs being the other guy getting some nice action.

    Hoping to see our young OL for a bit..then our second group which seems pretty solid itself.

    Hoping to see our young secondary espeically safeties with Sanders, Scott and some newcomers.

    What i dont wanna see:
    INJURIES - i've prayed for a week and will be praying till game day for now injuries especially in a pre season game..we suffered enough setbacks last few years..we have a good # of good players on PUP and we also lost a player already in Mitchell for season. Bruschi also being hurt hm

    lets hope for the best. dont care if we lose really..i mean its still competitive but as long as our players play well..i wont be interested in score as much as i would in regular season. i wanna see us establish our running game with all our offenses..i wanna see us play good pass deffense. thats the most important with young players in secondary right now. Lots of combinations at safety are possible..everyone has to play well to stay in the running for the opposite safety spot or both if Wilson goes to CB

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