What available UFA in 2010 would fill a hole and yet add certain leadership?

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    Since the 2009 Patriots had virtually no leadership within the team and there is unlikely to be any major change in that this offseason, then which known available player which will be an UFA would give us not only fill a hole in an area that we need,but would probably provide leadership quality type locker room presence that could affect the teams desire to win like our old veterans did?.

    I think a James Harrison or Aaron Kampman which are two of the UFAs would be a few off the top of my head to get the defense motivated to play hard,Harrison is a longshot to leave Pitt but who knows if the price is right?.
  2. satz

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    I thought harrison resigned already.

    No one . sadly leadership comes by buying into a system , team and playing for a while in the same team.

    WIlly went to the browns and see what happened.He was never a leader but here he was the enforcer.
    Vrabel is a nobody in KC
    Seymour same he is a great talent with no heart in Raiders.
    Bru was heart of those championships.

    Vrabel ,teddy,sey ,rodney,willy never brought leadership on day 1 but played here for years won alot of games and drank the koolaid.Also note non of them were the highest paid guys. they were normal good football players with guts and heart.

    if it was so easy seau would have worked or willy in browns would have righted the ship or Vrabel in KC would be not flipping Josh Macdaniels.

    You saw on TV when burgess said go ask mayo he is the leader when questioned about something this year , thomas had a similar comment about mayo.
    Seymour was the defensive leader and they traded him for a pick in 2011 and now vince is unhappy with his contract.I thought how someone unhappy with there place of work can be a leader.
    Sanders was vocal and was a leader till he got benched .He lost the position of power you cannot ask him to step up as its gone.
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    I don't follow the Steelers so a resign could have happened,but if he isn't I would give the best offer for sure...

    However I firmly believe that is a top talent veteran who has been around good teams and has a known quality of being a guy with desire, would rub off quickly on these young guys.
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  4. the wrothbroughterer

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    I don't know if he'll make it to free agency but if they can get him, Barret Ruud is a player I'd love to have on this team. Him and Mayo at the ILB spots is an astronomic upgrade over Mayo and Guyton.
  5. DW Toys

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    I said these guys in another post:

    We need to get some FAs with HEART. We hate them now but Keith Bullock, Shawne Merriman, Aaron Kampman, Terrance Newman, Owen Daniels, Darren Sharper, Muhsin Mohammad (blocks) ....even a "I want to start now" 26 year old LenDale White (I have seen the dude lose his helmet and still run over people) and trade for Anquan Bolden who blocks, takes hits and will play hurt and the Pats are 50% better than the 2009 version.

    Other talent would be nice like Barret Ruud, Kirk Morrison and Malcom Floyd.
    We can't get all of these but some would be a help. There is no reason not to go after these guys if there is no CAP.
    DW Toys
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    IMO we need to add any major players on defense in FA. I think Wilfork, Mayo and Merriweather are capable of leading the team on defense. We do need to add players on defense, but not guys to build around just guys to fulfill roles which I think should come from the draft.

    On offense is where we need to look at adding FA's especially at the WR position. We need players that have proven themselves in the league and will be ready to step in and play right away. Names that come to mind are Malcolm Floyd and Antonio Bryant.
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    As far as leadership, I think it is going to take some of these players who are looking for a comeback (ie Harrison, Vrabel, Dillion, Moss). When one team thinks their washed up and are looking to revive their career somewhere else. NE would be a perfect fit. Like some of you mentioned Bulluck, Kampman, Newman. These guys all have been around the league, probably only have a few years left, and really want a shot at a ring. These are just the FA, I'm sure a few others will get cut or traded in the offseason.

    History of offseason dealings next to year.
    2001: Vrabel
    2002: ???
    2003: Harrison
    2004: Dillon, Colvin
    2005: Brown, Biesel, Flutie
    2006: Seau
    2007: Moss, AD
    2008: Deltha O'Neal
    2009: Burgess, Galloway

    Needless to say, a quality offseason has a direct correlation to success that season.
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