what are we doing this offseason?

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    I think I have the idea.

    Clearly, the market has blown up. Ma'ke Keomatu is getting 5 million a year. Kevin Shaffer is getting 5 million a year. Hell, David Givens is getting 5 million a year.

    Teams are using their excess cap money from the new CBA and going on a spending bonanza. The problem is, most of them are getting mediocre or flawed players for superstar money. With these huge contracts being signed, I think we're going to see more and more teams in serious cap trouble, and soon.

    In the meantime, we're sitting on a cool 17 million plus in cap money, waiting for the market to cool, waiting for a big name to find himself without a team, and with no money left to flow. Meanwhile, we're sitting on 9 picks in the deepest draft in recent memory.

    I know it looks depressing now, but we're watching a transition. We have a nucleus in place that can win many more Super Bowls, but it will reuqire new talent, new leaders, to take us beyone 2006. The vets we have only have so much time left. So we're retooling, transitioning the leadership of this team from the old guard to a new one.

    The result will be a younger team, one that isn't quite as imposing on paper, but one that has enough to contend. In a couple of years, this young talent will be ready to step up and fill the shoes of Troy, Willie, Bruschi, Adam, etc.

    And. don't rule out the big trade Corey came 3 years ago. Somebody on this board mentioned Ray Lewis earlier. Don't be shocked. Keyshawn was cut, and Moulds and Jimmy Smith are soon to follow.

    Paitence is all it takes. By August, it will all make sense.

    (the kool aid pitcher never runs dry)

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