What are league rules on game film?

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    Does anyone know how NFL teams are allowed to obtain game film/tape for scouting and game planning purposes? Can they take their own footage? Is there a league supplied footage? Can they use Network TV footage (I assume yes)? Can you send an advance scout to a game you are not playing in to take your own film because you don't like the league supplied game film angles?

    What about other agencies, like scouting companies or even agents? For example, if you want to hype a player you represent, how do go about legally getting a bunch of great tape on his skills?

    I'm betting there are a bunch of policies for doing this. I wonder if any of those overlap with the "clear" policy we've all heard so much about recently.

    As a side note, I know that many emerging sites like Football Outsiders and so forth have been trying to do game charting projects to better football stats. Is there a way to register with the league so you can get the full view "coaches film" instead of having to use a TiVo and bunch of guess work?
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