What a day for the NFL Tight Ends!

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by hellolin, Jan 15, 2012.

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    I am just not talking about our two awsome tight ends. I was watching the battle of Saints and 49ers, and it did came down to the two TEs, Saints thinks they had an advantage because no one on 49ers defense was able to cover Garham, but 49ers answered right back with Vernon Davis on that last drive, not once, but TWICE includes the game winning TD. My friend was amazed at how well those tight ends played, and I told him just wait and see how our two tight ends will shine tonight aginist Denver, and never the less, they did. Gronk was unstoppable tonight, 3 touchdowns, and late in the game when I saw Gronk got the ball, everyone on the denver's D who was near him had wanted no business tackling him at all, because everytime someone touches Gronk they get hurt:eek:! And I am happy that Hernandez got a share of the touchdown party as well, and proves he is one of the most versital tight ends in the league. :rocker:

    And in another words, the rise of the NFL tight ends means the NFL safeties are getting abused like never before..... Malcom Jenkins was no match for Vernon davis today:snob:
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