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  1. italia44

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    Anyone know what station in Boston is broadcasting the Pats game tomorrow?It's being broadcast nationwide.The reason I'm asking is that listening to Gil and Gino is useless because of the delay between 98.5fm and the Comcast HD feed.I think it has to do with the sattelite downlink or some such gobbeledy-gook.

    All I know is like WBCN,before them,98.5 is losing serious amounts of listeners because of this.The 1.5 sec delay is too much for me to stand.

    I thought I'd checkout Westwood One to see if it was the same problem at a different station.

  2. pats1

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    Heh, I'm not really sure. I watch all the games on TV.
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  4. wiggins!

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    no matter what station you listen to, you'll hear a delay.

    As to westwood one. if you're in the 98.5 listening area, then westwood one (or the other one, Jones radio network - think) aren't allowed to be broadcast.

    Can't have a national broadcast in the same area where the local broadcast is heard as well.

    Also, if there ever is a westwood one broadcast in the boston area for the NFL, it's on EEI. (same for college now too).
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