We're spending big, but signings make sense

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    Every year when we hoped to make a splash in free agency, we would see a handful of teams spend a ton of money on a few players and all joke that it wouldn't work, that they were just signing the best players at each postion of need.

    I think it's different for us. Guys like AD and Welker, they make sense for THIS team. AD is perfect for our defense. Welker is perfect for what we do at WR.

    That's what I love about it. It's not just, "Well, Wes is a WR, and we need a WR, so let's sign him." He makes sense. Same with AD. He's not like a Freeney or John Abraham. He makes sense for what we our defensively.

    And while we obviously didn't spend big money on the two, Kyle Brady and Morris are also good signings IMO for what we needed at those positions.

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