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    I don't understand why there's so much doubt about Welker's role. The following four points seem pretty obvious to me:

    1. He'll start. At that price, he'll start.
    2. He has a similar skill set to Branch. So he's likely to be used similarly.
    3. One difference vs. Branch is that he has proved he can take a hit and get up from it. Thus, it's more likely than it was with Branch that in 3+ WR sets he moves over to the slot position.
    4. If he's significantly better than his teammates at punt and/or kick returns, he'll get that duty. If it's a tie or near-tie, however, the less valuable player will get the job, while he is saved for other kinds of plays.
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    I don't think that most people question the role he will be playing. Most people are just pissed we gave up so much, picks and money, for a WR noone has ever heard of.
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    You forgot:
    5. If necessary he can also be called upon to kick on kickoffs, point afters and field goals!
    We all know how much BB values versatility! :D
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    I guess you haven't watched the patriots much. Welker was Miami's #1 receiver with 67 catches and their top kick returner.

    I would hope that he wouldn't "start". I used to think the same of Brown. Welker is one of the best slot receivers and returners in the league, a Brown clone, only much younger. He'll start if we need him to, as Brown did.


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