Welker vs. Branch (My 1st thread)

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  1. loofasisgeek

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    To me these two have similar games. How do you think they compare on these skills:

    Quickness/Change of Direction

    My guesses:
    Speed - Branch by a hair?
    Quickness/Change of Direction - Branch again by a hair?
    Hands - Even
    Toughness - Welker
    Routes - Branch He and Brady had it dialed in. Welker will be behind this year. Maybe next year.
    Durability - Welker by a hair. The easy answer is Welker, but I think it's too early to say

    Branch was a legit middle of the pack #1 (with Brady when he left). Welker won't be that this year, but in two years? (Welker is 2 years younger)
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  2. cstjohn17

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Good question, I think there numbers will end up being about the same. Personally I think Branch is a more dynamic receiver who runs a little bit deeper patterns. Welker will do a lot of damage underneath and should get 50-70 catches this year.
  3. Remix 6

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    branch is a lot faster than Welker. Quickness would be branch slightly

    not sure how your judging toughness.

    Welker is quick in short space with route running and hands.
    Branch was faster, just as quick if not a little quicker, with good hands and route running. Branch can also stretch the field and go deep while i dotn think Welker can because hes not a speedster.

    acceleration would be Deion easily imo

    if this was like a combine .. Branch would clearly win

    attitude i might give to Welker..he fights for everything..underdog

    Speed: Branch
    Quickness/Change of Direction: Branch
    Hands: ehh give it to Welker
    Toughness: Not sure
    Routes: Tie
    Durability: Welker but he hasnt played as much as Branch so hard to tell
    Acceleration: Branch
    Impact: Branch
    Kicking: Welker

    Welkers not the type who will flash you with speed and stuff. Branch is flashier while Welker is 1 of those: Mr. Reliable although the way Branch played in post seasons..its tough to say that
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  4. Welker83

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Speed: Branch. Wes runs a 4.7
    Quickness, COD: Welker
    Hands: Even
    Routes: Even (Welker runs Extremly Crisp routes)
    Durability: Welker
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  5. MrBigglesWorth

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    they play different positions. i expect welker to be the slot guy and branch played on the outside.

    I'd say at this point the Pats have better value with Welker for the money each is getting.
  6. rabthepat

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    I say Branch takes Welker in all categories except perhaps "Toughness". Branch is a proven commodity, IMHO, as a receiver and Welker is not. Even up I'd take Branch over Welker.
  7. Ochmed Jones

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    I have to agree with Biggles, it is tough comparing players that play different positions. If the Pats line Welker up on the outside, he may not get off the LOS, he doesn't look like the type physically to beat tough jams.
    However if you line Branch up in the slot and ask him to go over the middle and sit down in a soft spot, He might not last half a game before being pounded by traffic.

    I personally have never watched Welker run routes in any significant amount of detail, so I really do not know all that much about him.

    However I feel that I knew Branch as a receiver and I really liked what he brought to the table as a short to intermediary receiver.
  8. patsox23

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Welker, imo, compares favorably with Troy Brown more than Deion Branch. Given the choice, I - and, I believe, the Patriots - would take Branch 10 times out of 10 and it wouldn't be close. He is a superior player. Welker fits the system well, though, and I expect solid production from him.
  9. sarge

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Branch in basically everything! And by a decent margin as well.

    Toughness, can't really tell because Welker hasn't played as much as Branch. But Branch never had alligator arms. He almost always caught the ball when he knew the hit was coming.
  10. Nordberg

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Welker ran a 4.6 forty....but, did you know Welker had the fastest shuttle run at the compine. I think he beat the second quickest time by almost a second. I wan't to say I read that his time was somewhere in the high three second range.:eek:

    Welker might be the QUICKEST guy in the NFL.
  11. Brownfan80

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    For me the comparison is much easier to make between Brown and Welker. Branch and Welker are far less similar.
  12. Bobs My Uncle

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Here's how I judge the two.

    Welker wants to be here whereas Branch doesn't.

    Therefore Welker wins by a landslide.
  13. Fixit

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    I've been looking for that article.

    To answer the question, Deion started believing what his agent was telling him and became all about the money. Welker, in contrast, looks to be a guy who wants nothing more than to move the chains, whatever it takes.

    Blazing speed's nice (which Branch doesn't have, by the way) but I'll take the guy who just wants to play. He's Brady's Labrador Retriever. In fact, that is what I shall call him: the White Lab.
  14. fgssand

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Welker = Chrebet...much better comparisin IMHO.
  15. Miguel

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    Because of individual passing drills between receivers and quarterbacks, neither group performs the bench-press test. In this most athletically gifted group, 40-times ranged from 4.34 to 4.76, with Auburn WR Tim Carter being at the low end of the spectrum and Jackson State WR Thomas Taylor at the other. In Taylor’s defense, he was the biggest wide receiver (6-3 3/4, 219) to run at the Combine. Kansas State WR Aaron Lockett also ran a 4.35, but his diminutive size (5-7 3/8, 155) may discourage some suitors. Florida State WR Javon Walker was the only other receiver to run under a 4.4 electronically. Florida WR Reche Caldwell showed his explosiveness in the vertical jump with a mark of 41 1/2 inches. Notre Dame WRs Javin Hunter (41) and David Givens (40 1/2) also surpassed the 40-inch barrier. Caldwell turned some heads again when he broad-jumped 10 feet 10 inches — the best broad jump recorded at the Combine. The best 20-yard pro shuttle belonged to Louisville’s Deion Branch, who zipped through the drill in 3.76 seconds. Branch also led all wideouts in the 60-yard shuttle, which measures crispness in changing direction over an extended length, recording a time of 10.66. Michigan State WR Herb Haygood and Richmond WR Ryan Tolhurst opened some eyes when they posted times of 6.65 in the three-cone drill.


    For the record, I take Branch over Welker.
  16. Remix 6

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    Re: Welker vs Branch (1st Thread)

    So did Deion Branch at his combine:

    Branch: 4.47 in the 40 || 6.71 in the 3-cone ||36 inch vertical || 9'9 broad || 3.76 in short shuttle
    Welker: 4.67 in the 40 || 7.10 in the 3-cone || 30 inch vertical || 9'6 broad|| 4.02 in short shuttle

    Welker quickest guy in NFL? Stopppp...that's gotta a joke. He's quick but not even top 10 in NFL and 3-cone is quickness isn't it?
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  17. Fixit

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    Incidentally, combine stats mean exactly squat to me. The fact that we're comparing our former #1 receiver to our current #3 means two things: Branch ain't a #1 and Welker ain't a #3.
  18. Aqua4Ever04

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    Branch is twice the receiver as Welker, no question about it.
  19. reflexblue

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    Where have you been you DB. I've been waiting for you to make an apperance and say something entertaining.
  20. Fixit

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    So that means that Ginn is 2 1/2 times the receiver Branch is, according to your math.

    I guess you forgot when you called Welker "speedy" and said he was part of a "murderer's row" on Miami's offense.

    Welker was awesome before the trade, and now he sucks. I swear, it's like he dumped you and you're going around telling everyone that he has herpes so he won't end up with anyone else.

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