Welker on Way (Reiss)

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  1. Lampshade

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    Mr Reiss finally weighs in:


    Welker on way
    The Patriots' courting of receiver Wes Welker took another step today, as Welker is en route to Gillette Stadium to visit with team officials.

    "I really think it’s too early to get into conversations, the only thing right now is that he's on his way, traveling up there now," said Vann McElroy, Welker's agent.

    McElroy added that he wasn't surprised with the pursuit of Welker.

    "He had a lot of interest, as obviously teams are interested in productive players," he said.
  2. RayClay

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    That Reiss is a pain in the ass.

    He waits for something actually to happen before he reports it.:mad:

    However, Miami still can match, right? Of course New England's beautiful in February.:D
  3. signbabybrady

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    Something tells me he will be placed into a locker by Thomas, Bruschi and Vrabes and not be allowed to leave until he signs our offer sheet!!
  4. zippo59

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    He can probably fit into a locker lol.

    The dudes tiny
  5. pats63

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    Make an offer that Welker can't refuse:cool3:
  6. MoLewisrocks

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    This timeline is now making sense on so many levels. First we talk to Welker's agent and guage his contract requirements. Then we craft a deal around them and we vet a poison pill version of that deal through the league to make sure we've covered all the contingencies. Then Schefter leaks word of our persuit which peaks the interest of a handful of east coast GM's who start searching for Vann McElroy's number on their rolodex. So we tell Schefter to leak the total contract amount for the deal without specifics (like the poisin of choice) creating absolute FA WR compensation chaos while we tell Wes to chill 'til the dust settles on the first weekend of FA, during which we've been busy little beavers anyway, and join us for dinner Sunday evening, a physical Monday AM, and his very own PC Monday afternoon. Heady stuff for a former UDFA the Bolts kicked to the curb after week 1 who then had to claw his way onto the roster of a bad Miami team for three successive seasons.
  7. spacecrime

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    Yeah, how dare he say that Welker is on his way up here to talk about a deal when we are already discussing whether or not Miami will match the offer we didn't make yet!
  8. Willie55

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt there already an offer in to, and accepted by, Welker? Wouldn't Welker have to agree to the terms of the Pats deal before the Pats could present their deal - poison pill included - to the Dolphins.
  9. Patriotic Fervor

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    I thought that's what media types were supposed to do...at least in the good ol' days, anyways!
  10. MoLewisrocks

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    As far as we know the Patriots intend to make an offer, but it hasn't formally happened yet. Welker wouldn't be on his way or likely here now (any more than Thomas was Friday evening) unless the sides had agreed to the parameters and he didn't have another offer in hand he liked better. I think in both cases the move to this team makes sense to the player as he sees his value to this franchise. Agents never say it's over 'til it's over because they generally think in terms of immediate or short term finances only. These are two smart players who want to play and win.
  11. Jimke

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    I'm glad that this is being pursued so quickly. I'd be surprised if

    Welker doesn't sign an offer sheet if he hasn't already. The Pats

    have to find out what Miami's reaction is ASAP and move in another

    direction if they match the offer. One thing to keep in mind is that

    the Miami general manger is trying to make trades to supplement his

    draft picks. A second round pick for a relatively unproven wide

    receiver is pretty good compensation.
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