WELKER: " I let the team down "

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  1. MrNathanDrake

    MrNathanDrake In the Starting Line-Up

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    Wes Welker: 'I let the team down' - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston


    i hate to see welker getting beat up over that one. It was a bad pass from Brady.

    Welker was WIDE OPEN yet Brady tried throwing to the back shoulder. Welker then had to readjust his whole body and was off balance due to the bad throw. There was no need for that. It isn't like Welker dropped an easy pass.

    Even if he had caught it, there's no guarantee he would've held onto it as he was falling to the ground.

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  2. ensoul

    ensoul Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    Was not a great pass but like I said in a post before: Welker makes that catches all the time so I think it is taken for granted that he should make it every time. The pats had every chance to end game on defense by making stops and they could not. You can ALWAYS point to one play and say "That is the play that cost the team the game!" The game did not end on on that play.
  3. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    It's a team loss - and even those plays (the miss to Hernandez as well) illustrate that - the Giants D Line was putting pressure on Brady, and yes, he was throwing off balance and rushed and it wasn't perfect.

    But Wes is just doing what this team - and its fans - so often do... no excuses... don't blame the officials, don't blame injuries - various components of the team didn't make the plays when they needed to do so

    It was a great game, and was completely competitive, even without some key healthy players, right through the final minute, where we were also treated to yet another great strategic move by Belichick to let the Giants score to get the ball back.
  4. matt9071

    matt9071 Practice Squad Player

    I cant blame Wes for that its a tough catch. If anyone deserves a mistake its him. ugggh it hurts watching that play though I was certain he had it when I saw it live.
  5. Perfection08

    Perfection08 On the Roster

    He probably should have caught it, and it would have been a phenomenal catch if he did. I feel for Wes. He's been one of my favorite Pats since he came here. I hope they open the bank for him, he's earned it.
  6. Bella*chick

    Bella*chick Addicted to the light

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    Looking at the pass I feel worse because he catches that kind of pass ALL the time.

    I feel for him, I really do, but I can't help but think "Good, you SHOULD be beating yourself up."

    That said, I want him back. We don't spot the Giants 9 points and none of this BS is an issue.
  7. navydaze

    navydaze Rookie

    He pretty much blew it. Sorry its a fact. Its just like Lebron, you can have all the regular season stats you want. But when it comes to crunch time you just didn't get it done. He's a free agent this year, do yourselves a favor and let the overrated midget go. The only reason he even has the stats he does is cause of your phenomenal hall of fame QB. It's no coincidence he was a journey man before he got to New England. He's a slow midget with good hands...not gonna win you a superbowl..and he cost you this one...thats right ....he did.....its time to part ways. :snob:
  8. Bella*chick

    Bella*chick Addicted to the light

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    Um, not really. What we need is someone to take Ocho's place and maybe Branch's as well.

    I really hope Welker considers all this during these contract negotiations though.
  9. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Interesting how last night's game might be viewed as coming down, among other things, to two plays, both on balls that were a little misthrown.

    Brady makes Welker rotate his body just a little more than he normally would so it's hard for him to secure the ball as he falls to the ground; he doesn't.

    Manning makes Manningham catch a ball a little out of stride and a little too close to the OB line so its hard for him to secure the ball and keep two feet in bounds; he does.

    As Belichick is fond of saying, big games come down to a few plays.
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  10. PatsFan2

    PatsFan2 In the Starting Line-Up

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    What a contrast between plays...i felt like i got kicked in the nuts.:mad:
  11. crowell33

    crowell33 In the Starting Line-Up

    Welker turns 31 before the season. Historically the Patriots don't give large contracts to non QB players on the wrong side of 30. The drop makes it even harder.

    Its nothing personal with Welker. Unless Bill Buckner can play shortstop, right field, be a #4 or a #5 starter, or maybe even close games, I don't want him on the Red Sox either. :rolleyes:
  12. strongside

    strongside Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Just shows that no matter how bad we as fans feel, Wes is feeling a whole lot worse right not.

    Not a perfect pass but should have had it. I just hate that a guy who works as hard as welker does didn't bear the fruits of his work on that play.
  13. BigHoss28

    BigHoss28 On the Roster

    First of all, Welker had space but wasn't "wide open." There WERE three defenders within 5 or so yards of him, still not the easiest throw to make. Don't make it out like he was running free with nobody around him and Brady could have just lobbed it and Welker could have run under it.

    It wasn't a good throw, but it wasn't a horrible throw either. It was a throw that did give Welker a chance to make a play. Not all throws are going to be perfect, especially with pressure. The ball got there, hit Welker in the hands and he dropped it. It wouldn't have been an easy catch, but it's one he could have and should have made. Just like it wasn't a perfect throw, but it was one Brady could have and should have made.

    Neither Brady nor Welker succeeded in making the play, stop trying to blame it on one or the other. Both guys messed up.

    These teams played exactly how we all should have expected them to. The breaks bounced in the Giants favor... The game came down to a few key areas, some of them individual plays. Steve Weatherford was a big part of it too, plus the Giants recovering their two fumbles.

    Let's stop the witch hunts.
  14. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    A little OT, but you're a new poster and I have to decide whether to take your posts seriously or just blow by them with a passing glance.

    Why do you have to use the word "midget?" You actually use it twice.

    I'm 6'4" (though I'm sure you're taller, otherwise I might think you're a...well, you know...), so this isn't a result of any insecurity I might have in that regard, but I find that posters who feel they have to denigrate someone in addition to making what might be legitimate comments on a player or game usually don't have that much to say and are masking a lack of understanding of the game and its finer points with insults.
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  15. MassPats38

    MassPats38 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Nice first post! The great quality of a post like that is your subsequent posts can only improve.

    Return to posting on the Giants board, and complain when the Giants suffer the next three-year hangover it will likely endure after winning this.
  16. RhodyPatriot

    RhodyPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    No you didn't Wes. That required a circus catch because the ball was poorly thrown.
    The Patriots will win another Super Bowl when they go back to running a traditional offense. When the Patriots can put their QB under center, put one or two RB's in the backfield, huddled up after every play and march down the field eating up clock and getting at least a FG they will win another SB.
    This current offense is INCAPABLE of playing traditional hard nosed offensive football. INCAPABLE. They will not win another SB untill they change their current philosophy.
    It's a sad commentary that the only time this current offense is effective is when they go hurry up no huddle. It's a gimmick offense and it's why they struggle against good defenses.
  17. Bella*chick

    Bella*chick Addicted to the light

    #12 Jersey

    Oh, gimme a break, he said himself he's caught that ball a thousand times before.

    In the Superbowl against a good defense, I'm sorry, but you better be able to catch a ball that hits you on both hands if you want to be paid as an elite receiver.
  18. BigHoss28

    BigHoss28 On the Roster

    In case you hadn't noticed, 50% of the playoff teams this year were in the bottom half of the league in rushing. The team that just won the Super Bowl ranked dead last in rushing this year and had a whopping 109 yards rushing yesterday.
  19. Kjmass1

    Kjmass1 Practice Squad Player

    For an incapable offense, I'll take them going to the Superbowl any day. Why don't you ask any of the other 31 teams in the league if they would like to switch offenses and have the Patriots' one?
  20. brdmaverick

    brdmaverick In the Starting Line-Up

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    It was not a great pass, but when you see the Giants come up with miracle catch after miracle catch, you hope beyond all hope that Wes could have come up with THAT one.
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