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Week 7 Sweet 16

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by ivanvamp, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Was on vacation last week so I couldn't post a week 6 sweet 16. So here goes for week 7.

    1. Atlanta (+1) - Last undefeated team in the league. I don't think they're actually the best team, but through six weeks, they've earned this spot.

    2. Houston (-1) - Took a pounding this week, but they're still very, very good.

    3. NY Giants (+6) - Total dismantling of the 49ers this week on the road.

    4. San Francisco (-1) - I still think they're terrific.

    5. New England (-1) - Won a game big last week and then lost a one-pointer this week. I still think they're a top 5 team in the league.

    6. Baltimore (--) - Very good record, but have lost a couple of key defenders for the season.

    7. Chicago (+3) - Impressive +/- of +78. This team has serious talent.

    8. Green Bay (-3) - Lost last week, but won very impressively this week. Maybe they're starting to put it together.

    9. Seattle (N/A) - Gotta hand it to them. They're pretty good.

    10. Arizona (-2) - Good record, but that might be a bit of an illusion.

    11. Minnesota (--) - Solid 4-2 record so far and doing a lot of things well.

    12. Denver (+2) - They're never out of a game with Teb... I mean, Peyton Manning at QB.

    13. Buffalo (+2) - Hanging around in the AFC East.

    14. Miami (N/A) - Surprising 3-3 mark.

    15. St. Louis (+1) - Another surprising 3-3 mark.

    16. Washington (N/A) - RGIII is the real deal.

    Moving up: Atl, NYG, Chi, Den, Buf, StL
    Moving down: Hou, SF, NE, GB, Ari
    Moving in: Sea, Mia, Was
    Moving out: Phi, Cin, SD
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