Week 6 at Dallas

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    Is starting to look like quite a matchup. Not saying that they are really in our league, but it should be a good game. Romo seems to be coming into his own and you can see some similarities between him and Brady when it comes to pocket presence and sliding to avoid pressure.

    one week at a time of course though. :)
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  2. SeanBruschi54

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    Dallas has a few POWER points on offense. I consider their offensive line to be 1, Owens 2, RB's 3.

    Their line has been just as good as ours if not better and we know what kind of time Brady has been getting.

    Owens is being used more in various places all over the field. He was lined up at wide, slot and in the backfield tonight in the Bears game.

    Julious Jones / Marion Barber III is a great 1-2 combo. Jones has some bad games here and there but when he slacks it seems as though MB3 is right there to pick it up.
  3. khayos

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    Their left side of the line is hogwash. If Chicago could make a first down, that game would have been dramatically different. It was Grossman, not Romo, who was the deciding factor there.
  4. patsox23

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    We will beat Dallas handily. They are doing a really good job this season, but their D is not good. We will win by more than a TD.

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