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Week 4 predictions

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by frankiesfly, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Last week I had Reggie Bush, Thomas Jones, and Lawrence Maroney to have good games. Jones and Maroney didn't get in the endzone like I thought but they both had over 100 yards rushing. Bush didn't have the yardage I thought he would get but he did get in the endzone twice. My predictions weren't perfect but all three did have their best games of the season, and were productive.

    This week in week 4. I'm going to take some chances. My first pick is going to be Chad Pennington. Against the beat up Bills secondary, Chad is going to have a good game. That means all the recievers on the J-E-T-S will too. I don't see Chad having super numbers because I see Jones having another good game also, so Chad will have 280+ yards and 2 TD's. This is where I take some chances. Larry Johnson. Johnson who has been quiet so far this year believe it or not will break out against the Chargers this week. Johnson does have a good history against the Chargers and see it continuing. Johnson will get 100 yards rushing and a TD against a stingy Chargers run D. My last pick is going to be Brian Griese. That's right Brian Griese. This Bears offensive has been waiting for this day to come. Have been waiting to explode, and will. I know Griese hasn't played in a while but he is smart. Another thing is that he is going up against a Detroit secondary. We all saw what the Eagles did last week against them. I don't see anything as big as that, but do see a quality start. Griese will do the same as Chad this week 280+ and 2 td's.

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