Week 18 (End of Regular Season) Sweet 16

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    Seventeen weeks of NFL football has brought us some surprises, as well as some long-standing pillars of excellence. Here's the final regular season Sweet 16 of the 2012 NFL season.

    1. Denver (--) - #1 seed in the AFC, and deservedly so.

    2. Atlanta (--) - #1 seed in the NFC, and deservedly so.

    3. San Francisco (+1) - #2 seed in the NFC, and beat the #4 team in the poll.

    4. New England (+1) - #2 seed in the AFC and looking strong. The bye is huge for them so they can continue to heal.

    5. Seattle (+1) - Everyone in the NFC needs to be happy that they have to go on the road in these playoffs, because I don't know that anyone could beat them in Seattle right now.

    6. Green Bay (-3) - Still not sure I'd want to face them in the playoffs. I wonder if Peterson can rack up 200 yards on them again in the WC round.

    7. Washington (--) - Great story, great win against Dallas. They draw Seattle. RGIII vs. Wilson. Fun stuff.

    8. Indianapolis (--) - What a win over Houston. As a reward, they get to travel to Baltimore.

    9. Cincinnati (--) - Strong finish to the season for the Bengals. I think they could give Houston some real problems in the WC round.

    10. Minnesota (+1) - AP for MVP. I hope, at least!

    11. Houston (-4) - Really struggling at this point in the season. Not the same team they were early on.

    12. NY Giants (+1) - I bet most everyone else is breathing a sigh of relief that they missed the playoffs.

    13. Chicago (+1) - If it wasn't for AP, they'd be in the playoffs.

    14. Baltimore (--) - I can't decide if this is a good team or not. NFC North winner, but full of holes.

    15. Dallas (-4) - I can't decide if this is a good team or not. They play well one week and not the next. I guess that's why they're 8-8.

    16. Pittsburgh (N/A) - See Dallas and Baltimore. But they're the last of the non-.500 teams so here they are.

    Moving up: SF, NE, Sea, Min, NYG, Chi
    Moving down: GB, Hou, Dal
    Moving in: Pit
    Moving out: StL

    Playoff Seedings and Matchups:
    1. Den
    2. NE
    3. Hou
    4. Bal
    5. Ind
    6. Cin
    - - - - -
    Cin at Hou - Right now I will take Hou in a nail-biter
    Ind at Bal - I think Ind finds a way to win

    1. Atl
    2. SF
    3. GB
    4. Was
    5. Sea
    6. Min
    - - - - -
    Min at GB - GB wins the rematch
    Sea at Was - Sea wins on the road, surprisingly

    That would set up these matchups in the Divisional Round:

    Ind at Den - dream scenario for the NFL
    Hou at NE - as good a situation as NE could hope for, I think
    GB at SF - this is old-school NFL playoff football
    Sea at Atl - another quality matchup
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