Week 13 Pats - Colts Post-Game Thread

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by jmt57, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    Final Score: Patriots 31, Colts 24

    Post your thoughts, opinions, knee-jerk reactions and other related commentary to the game right here.​
  2. TriplecHamp

    TriplecHamp Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #24 Jersey

    I wonder if Brady and BB will be called "chicken littles" after the post game presser.
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    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    -won a game
    -no major injuries that I know of

    That's all that matters to me. Onto WASH
  4. ausbacker

    ausbacker Brady > Manning. PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I really have nothing more to say than thank you Tom Brady and would it kill the Patriots defense to close out a game and clamp down against an inferior and pathetic opponent?
  5. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    they cant play like this against pitt and baltmore... i dont know... was feeling good until the fourth... but a win is a win..
  6. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    Grossman just gave the game away to the Jets. Yay.
  7. Big-T

    Big-T Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Why do they insist on playing the prevent crap at the start of games and at the end? Last week and this week showed that in the middle of games they can perform well as a defensive unit...then as soon as the 4th quarter starts everyone starts playing off and the linebackers hold back.

    McCourty was just starting to come good again before his injury, today he looked a bit rusty so the game time will do him good. Hopefully Spikes, Chung & Fletcher are back next week and the defense puts in a 60 minute effort, not 30 minutes.

    The 4th QB to hand them a game this year, and the morons on JI have the nerve to say the Patriots are lucky.
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  8. andrewgarrr

    andrewgarrr Banned

    I wish I had this kind of attitude.

    I can't help but be concerned about the defense's poor play against the league's worst offense.
  9. Patspsycho

    Patspsycho Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Downright horrendous. I'm just glad we won and got out with any major injuries.

    Major props to McDonald for playing a flawless game under center.
  10. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    If they have a 4 TD lead they can.
  11. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    In that vein, TFB and the offense were asleep their last 2 drives
  12. stcjones

    stcjones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I agree with you. Belichick took his foot off the gas and the team overall got complacent. The Pats still do not have a grind it out running game (ala Corey Dillon) late in the game to keep drives alive and the clock running. Bring in Hoyer to run out the clock and hand off the ball....only problem is...our OL can't get it done...ridley goes nowhere and we have to punt. Although Colts came back in so called "garbage time"....they were one onside kick away from possibly tying the game and heading into OT. Our secondary was pathetic late in the game....just downright embarrassing.
  13. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    they could not run the ball vs the 31th ranked run defense thats not a good sign but other then that they won im happy
  14. Wax Frog

    Wax Frog In the Starting Line-Up

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    Glad for the win, but the 7 pt. margin, the way it got there and the impending Jets win rob me of anything resembling enjoyment... On to next week!
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  15. RIpats88

    RIpats88 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    they wont, the defense took their foot off the pedal because they were leading 31-3

    200 of their yards were in Garbage time..Its dissapointing that they wont play full 60minutes, but too much is made of the yards given up when the game was already won...Why Risk injury to any of your players against the colts?

    people complain when we run up the score, they complain when we take our foot off the pedal


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    All I can say is One and Done looks likely right now unless the offense puts up 40 points in the playoffs in their first matchup.

    This defense gives you hope one week and then sinks to lower depths the next,I think this comes from a variety of things including injuries which spawns new players in positions almost every week thus inconsistency will continue until we get 11 guys on defense that play together at least a few weeks in a row.....I don't see that this year,it will remain a topsy turvy defense until next year at the earliest.

    BTW: Matt Slater needs to remain on STs,he is not as multi talented as Edelman has shown in a few plays.
  17. TriplecHamp

    TriplecHamp Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    surely because Baltimore and Pittsburgh have comparable defenses to the Colts.

    thats it, McCourty didn't want to risk injury so he let himself get beat and decided not to look for the ball...
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  18. PatriotFan77

    PatriotFan77 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Thank you. Finally someone who knows football.
  19. LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady

    LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I've made up excuses every week for this defense, and I've held the truth in way too long. The defense sucks. The only reason they appear to be better than the stats suggest is because they are playing poor offenses, who are dropping passes or just plain playing poor. I can't take anymore of this. Brady can't play every game perfect or score 30+ every game, especially when playing good defenses in the playoffs. They gotta start finding talent - other than Wilfork, Carter, Mayo, Arrington and Ninkovich, this defense sucks. And it's getting painful to watch, this game should've been a blowout. Even the Saints D continued to play in garbage time against the Colts, that's just no excuse to me. The Eagles game should've been a shootout but the wide open DeSean Jackson kept dropping all the passes, another reason why this Pats D sucks!
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  20. andrewgarrr

    andrewgarrr Banned

    Wasn't his point that the Patriots will probably not have a 4 TD lead against the leagues 3rd and 4th defense in terms of PPG and 2nd and 3rd in terms of YPG?
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