Week 13: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins 12/06/09 - RECAP

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  1. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I posted this to my blog [/shameless plug] but thought that it would get discussed more here. These are all the things, in my opinion, that are bringing this team down and will doom it in the playoffs. Anyway, here it is...

  2. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Last post was actually too long by 1,000 characters :cool: so let me finish it up here...

  3. Patspsycho

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    I disagree with the assessment on Aiken as the "4th WR." His stats speak for themselves 96 yards last week and 81 today, and would have been more if Brady hadn't overthrown him on that spectacular attempt he made trying to catch it. I think he is coming along well for a developing WR. I think of him as a TE disguised as a WR, with the physical gifts he has.
  4. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    We'll have to disagree on that then. I saw Aiken get absolutely lucky that he was in the position to catch that Favre-esque pass (Davis was actually ahead of him in the route) by using his size. Personally, I would much rather have a guy with speed on the opposite side of Moss, hence me showing love for Stallworth. With Aiken's build, he's more capable of working the middle of the field. You're right though. He did get separation on that pass that Brady missed. However, he's not able to do that nearly as much as we need him to. And I mentioned is stats last week. The statline was good, but that was about it. He never really made the Saints pay for doubling Welker and Moss the way Stallworth did when the Cowboys tried to do the same thing two years ago.
  5. 363839

    363839 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Great post, Kontra!
    Not a thing there I could disagree with.
    And ditto on going for it on fourth down.
    This one could very well have cost us the game.
  6. JFK

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    AiKEN can be a #3...He is underrated here. The more he is thrown to, the better he will become.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    Well let's look on the bright side. At least we don't have to sit on our hands waiting for SD/Cincy to lose a couple games or resort to rooting for the Dallas Cowboys in December again. The bye is no longer realistic so just beat 2 pretty bad teams and clinch this division. Make our own bye in week 17 since we'll be getting the 3 or 4 seed regardless in case we have lingering injuries. I think healthwise we are doing great this year that is another plus.
  8. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I think we'll see drastic improvements in the second half of games once this offensive line is able to play as a cohesive unit for a game. Brady will be able to stand upright and we should, once again, be able to send Watson out on routes like we were doing at other points earlier this year.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    Yeah we need Neal and Vollmer healthy for January. If we can survive the next 2 games without them I'd say F it let them sit out till round 1. The right side just collapsed on a 3 man rush leading to the last pick, that **** is just inexcusable. Really would like to see Light-Mankins-Koppen-Neal-Vollmer as our playoff OL.
  10. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I've made it pretty clear that I wouldn't mind seeing Vollmer in there as RT. But I really don't think Kaczur is that bad with Neal in there... especially against 3-4 teams. There is a reason Neal defeated Brock Lesnar in a wrestling match: he is a beast. When he's in, watch him. You'll see him take on his man and regularly chip either Kaczur's man, or Koppen's. The whole right side stands to improve with him back.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    Yeah Neal's importance I think was highlighted last year when Cassel was sacked 50 times a game until Neal came back and our OL did a 180 for the rest of the season. I share your sentiments on Kaczur. I personally think Vollmer was playing too well before his injury to be on the bench but if Neal is healthy I'm fine either way.

    At this point, just get healthy on both lines and let's get Taylor back too. I don't care if we go 9-7 as long as Buffalo is one of the wins.
  12. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    My take on the game and team overall -

    i dont think aiken is a #3 reciever . He is a hard worker but not a threat to take a over a game. i would like moss to hustle for the ball like he did though.
    Overall our team lacks confidence because they havent won many close games or special games . Either they have lost because of mistakes down the stretch blowing up leads or won games going away mostly other than the bills game and maybe the ravens game.
    Our offense is fine for the first Q but disintegrates by the end ofthe game .I think its because obrien and BB and co script the first set of drives but he cant make adjustments on the fly to call the game creatively. Maybe he will improve ..
    Overall the team's playcalling,coaching execution all are lacking confidence. You can see that in the # of times we have to call timeouts before crucial 3rd downs.Brady and co can keep saying they need to be consistent but do they themselves consistently run plays which are actually working ?
    For e.g for some inexplicable reason maroney always sits out in the 4Q. They throw long passes on 3rd and 2 etc. Its another story that aiken should catch and all but see above for that.Even doug gabriel caught TD's from brady so it doesnt say much about the receiver.
    Defensively, again the same stuff which kontra has said .Not much left. I dont know how much pees can do. If you think randall gay and troy brown playing cornerback on this team would improve our secondary then think again. We won/Crennel won those games because of good front 7 . They didnt need their secondary to play like champ bailey and ed reed every snap .I dont think crennel vs pees is going to make any difference.
    BB whiffed on the FA acquisitions in a couple of key spots. OLB with burgess.Maybe he thought tyron mckezie is the answer but will never know. People thought crable and woods are answers but they just players occupying roster spots like Marquise Hill (RIP) did. That leaves wilfork and warren to share the load. 3WR with galloway.
    ST is another area we have struggled.We must in the bottom 5 in kickoff returns.

    Overall. the team and coaches have struggled to establish what their identity is and their lack of clarity and confidence shows.
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  13. BillBelichickFan79

    BillBelichickFan79 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    One thing Belichick has always preached over the years is great situational football. We are severely lacking in this department this year. I think the tipping point was the Colts 4th and 2 play. I think BB feels he has to "prove" to others that he's willing to go for it on 4th downs at any time.

    Belichick has always been a master at managing the clock, not wasting timeouts, and calmly thinking through and making the right decisions. This year, the coaching staff as a whole, has not been as sharp. I don't know if it has to do with McDaniels leaving on offense or Brady missing a full year, but we're struggling. For example, we've had a number of delay of game penatlies and had to burn a number of T.O.'s b/c the playclock is almost at 0. Brady is taking way too long at the LOS making all his checks and/or calling audibles.

    Another example of poor situational football was burning a T.O. before first down when we got the ball back up by 6 vs Indy. We have that T.O., we can challenge the Faulk catch, and maybe that game ends up differently. We've also had some dumb challenges this year that have cost us T.O.'s, which is very un-Belichick-like.

    In the 2nd half, I'd rather take the 5 yard delay of game on 1st and 10 than burn a T.O. Those timeouts are invaluable.

    What was once a strength for this team now seems to have become a soft spot. Going for it on 4th and 1 at the 6 instead of taking the 3? C'mon Bill, when you're the better team you take the points and just keep building the lead. When you're the inferior team or the underdog or are playing a high powered offense, then you take chances like that and play for the TD. But Miami is not that type of team. How about after the 2 minute warning when Miami ran on first down and the Pats stopped them for a 2 yard gain. Call the timeout! If you stop them on 1st and 2nd down and call the two timeouts there to stop the clock both times and it is 3rd and long, Miami might have to put the ball in the air which would stop the clock if it was incomplete. Instead, we let 40 seconds run off the clock and then used the timeouts on 2nd and 3rd down. Then we get the ball back and on the first play we take a little dump off throw for 12 yards or so and get out of bounds. There was plenty of time left, yet on the next play we try to go deep and throw into coverage where Aiken really didnt have a good chance at making a catch. All we needed was a FG. Take the 10-15 yard passes Miami was giving you and get out of bounds.

    I don't know I might sound overly critically but I can't remember myself 2nd guessing the Pats so often. In the past, it seemed like Belichick always made the right call. This year we just seem to be doing things a Belichick-coached team wouldn't normally do.
  14. DocE

    DocE Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I really enjoyed your post Kontradiction, probably the best post game post I have read so far. I've been talking about the 3rd receiver role for a long time, and it became very apparent that something needed to be done in the home game against the Jets last season. In that game, the Jets basically left Gaffney in single coverage and said "beat us with him" and the Patriots couldn't do it. This year they've actually downgraded from Gaffney after downgrading (as far as big play ability/defensive attention) from Stallworth after '07. If the Patriots want to spread it out and play with 3 WR's on the field, then they need 3 dangerous, starter quality receivers on the roster. I would argue you need a 4th to guard against injury as well. The one thing Gaffney did bring to the table was the ability to play all 3 WR positions and a rapport with Tom Brady. He wouldn't be the ideal solution to the 3rd WR issue, but he'd be much better than we have now. Aiken deserves credit for making some nice plays, but he's also the same guys who's known for ST abilities and never was a factor at WR for Buffalo. If the Patriots were to transition to a 2 WR offense, that would significantly limit Welker's effectiveness, and they don't want to do that. Welker running outside the numbers routes would not be nearly the same player.

    The Pass Rush is the biggest issue with this team, and I can't help but think BB was told by Jason Taylor that he was coming to New England. If not, many of the Patriots offseason moves made little sense with such a glaring need to find more pass rushers. A training camp move for Derrick Burgess, in hindsight, looks like overpayment to try to fix a glaring need on the roster.

    As for the Oline, I think their run blocking deserves more scrutiny than it has gotten. How many 3rd and 4th and shorts have we failed to convert this year? How many times have we just given up on giving them yet another chance to fail and went to the shotgun on 3rd or 4th and short? Aside from the short yardage issue, the Patriots never see 8 in the box and they should be able to run successfully, yet they obviously can't do it consistantly. A better run game would do wonders for the downfield passing game.
  15. JoeShmoe

    JoeShmoe 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I was counting some of the time Henne had to throw and it was often up to 8 seconds - heck I could throw for 300 yards with that much time and there isnt a D back in the world who can single cover for that long

    The 3rd we got for Burgess is a woeful, dreadful piece of business. Old Al got one back on us there

    Ditto Kazcur and Koppen. To me Koppen is too small physcially. He used to make up for it with his technique but with age thats leaving him. We need a new bigger C, someone to replace Neal at OG and give Light or Vollmer a try at RT
  16. TheBostonStraggler

    TheBostonStraggler In the Starting Line-Up

    That isn't true, unfortunately. The only 100% certain scenario to win the division is to win all FOUR games. Only a loss to Carolina allows us the possibility of winning the division without hoping for help. However, the second scenario relies on NE winning the strength of schedule tie break with Miami (???). Any remaining scenario to win the division relies on help from Miami's opponents. The good news is Miami has a tougher remaining schedule: Pitt, Tenn (playing much better), Jax, Houston. None of them dominant but all of them solidly tough games. Hate to say it but if Miami wins all 4 of those games they just might deserve it more than the Patriots (especially if the Patriots keep playing like this). Further, the equalizer to the schedule advantage might be opponents see the Patriots as a statement game (we get their above and beyond effort).

    I did not include the Jets because they basically have a no win tie break scenario. They need to win out and hope both Miami and NE lose at least 2 games. Also, I didn't include the wild card possibility. It is still a bit murky to rely on a WC though a win over Jax will help our WC chances a lot. Also a Green Bay win over Balt on Monday night helps the Patriot WC scenario a lot.
  17. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Another person who thinks NEAL is important...great . I always believed even with all this light vs vollmer thread that neal is the key .You can step up incase of edge break down if your interior line is playing well

    You forgot to add koppen is playing with an injured knee and he needs help by gaurd sometimes. NEAL did that too .

    Aiken - Remember we used galloway ,lewis in the offence in training camp and passing camp and the first 4-5 weeks of the season. I cannot blame him that in week 10-11 we are giving him snaps and expect him to play like he was the 3rd WR from camp. I will reserve judgement by week 15-16 similar to how gaffney came in at week 7 and started showing up by week 14-15 in 07.

    Taking a field goal is not a insult. If we had a game similar to the colts against baltimore the last 2 yr , i do not trust BB to kick 5 field goals and win 18-15 anymore. we will loss 7-15 as we went for it .

    Put tully/Woods on the TY side and more AD/Novkinwich to the Left side and play Pyor/Brace[time for him to eat some space ] more. we need to stop the run
    first and foremost . Shortyard and not let any RB get 4-5 yds on 1st down.

    aslo ending burgess experiment .
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    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    You're right, when I posted that I for some reason thought we had the edge in divisional record over Miami but even if we beat Buffalo we'll just be tied with them. Still, I don't see Miami winning out. The next 3 games are very winnable though so I hope week 17 ends up irrelevant.
  19. MrNathanDrake

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    i agree with your first point. its pretty obvious.
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