Week 11 Sound FX: Bill Belichick vs the Colts

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    Thanks Ninja.

    Well there was the REAL answer to CAPTION THIS, rather mundane: "Go, Go"

    So what does "we gotta play with POWER on the left side" mean?
    Is he saying strictly bull rush the left and only the right should do any stunts, spins, etc -whole variety of rushes? or does it mean something else?????

    Thanks in advance.
  4. resdubwhite

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  5. TheBostonStraggler

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    My guess is you have it right. When BB spoke of power, he was speaking of a big immediate push to as far as it will go at versus playing it a little less forward-looking the run.
    That's my guess....

    OMGWTFJUDD Practice Squad Player

    Thanks Ninja:rocker:
  7. DarrylS

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    Good stuff, and I always thought he was listening to Bon Jovi in those headphones... :D

    Guess he is more involved in the defense than we thought he was..
  8. Bella*chick

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    I love it. He doesn't get overly emotional either way. Even after horrific play he's calmly figuring out how it could have been better.

    He needs to post in the game thread!
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  9. 1960Pats

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    He should at least read the posts here and learn something from the experts.
  10. PatsWickedPissah

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    He'd be right at home :) ..."Let's get some pressure here on this series!"
  11. shmessy

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    For several years I've wondered about something and maybe someone here knows the answer:

    There is a guy who looks to be Belichicks personal security detail. He's been there several years now - - you see him especially at the end of games shadowing BB. He's the bald guy with horn rimmed glasses and a facial expression of pure death. He always seems to be roughing up (or on the verge of roughing up) anyone who unnecessarily gets too close to BB after the games.

    On this video he appears starting at 3:48.

    I always laugh when I see him because it is so dungeon!
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  12. Nikolai

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    Can't tell much from the quick shot there except he's wearing the event staff garb and an NFL military appreciation ribbon. I'll have to keep a closer eye on that. You've piqued my curiosity as well.
  13. Richard Camembert

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    lol ya that bald dude with the glasses
  14. Finnishfan

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    On the DL, you can play with POWER or SPEED.

    It's not so much about the moves, it's more about pocket integrity, controlling the LOS and containing the edges. Moves are (almost) always selected by the rusher. The defender "reads" the lineman and selects a move best suitable for his objective and the linemans posture and hand use.

    Playing with SPEED means that you might compromise the integrity of the pocket (allowing QB to scramble), LOS edges or gaps, but your main objective is to get past the OL as fast as possible.

    Playing with POWER means you need to set the edge, control the pocket, contain QB/RB and position the OL. Playing with power usually works well against the run and also if you blitz, because blitz schemes usually involve a lineman opening up a gap (or making sure the edge stays open) for a LB/DB.

    Chandler Jones is pretty much the only guy in our team who does a lot of speed rushes.

    With a mobile QB, you should almost always play with power because if you use speed rushing then the pocket almost always breaks down allowing scrambling lanes. The downside is that pressure usually develops a bit slower when playing with power.
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  16. jmt57

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    I watched this on NFLN last night.

    It was good enough that when it ended and they immediately ran the show again, I watched it a second time.

    Lots of great insight, plenty of great comments and strategy revealed.
  17. Looks like Sammy The Bull Gravano from a few years back
  18. sly24

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    Always love these sound FX, thanks for sharing!
  19. moejr

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    Maybe he got sick of the D being so bad and has decided to take the bull by the horns.
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