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Week 1 Preseason Preview

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    Week 1 Preseason Preview
    By: Mike Procopio

    We’ve waited seven long months for the journey to Indianapolis to begin. It kicks off (no pun intended) a week from today in Foxboro and football fans around the globe couldn’t be more excited. The preseason is typically an audition for draft picks, free agents, guys playing at the veteran minimum, and role players. Starters treat these games as an up tempo practice against opponents you typically don’t face on a regular basis. Do players get hurt? Sure. Did we all hold our breath when our newest defensive linemen planted the reigning NFL MVP into the turf a couple pre season games ago? I sure did. Seeing him do the typical MLB pitcher arm rotation stretch in visible pain, panic started to set in. This preseason may take a different approach with starters taking a few more snaps than usual....

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