WEEI revamps NFL Sunday Show - could it finally be a good Pats pregame radio show?

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  1. PatsRI

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    This was sent from WEEI by email:
    WEEI's NFL Sunday Programming

    Sports Radio 850 WEEI just announced a new line up for its NFL Sunday program, which begins this season on Sept. 10. ESPN Commentator Doug Brown will return to WEEI this fall as host of the show, replacing Dale Arnold. Joining Brown are Patriots Hall-of-Fame line-backer Steve Nelson, NBCSports.com's Tom Curran, and Paul Perillo, of Patriots Football Weekly. WEEI Program Director Jason Wolfe labels WEEI's new team a “powerhouse of talent†adding that Brown will be a solid quarterback for the show. “And no one is more up to speed on the comings and goings in Foxboro than Curran and Perillo,†Wolfe continued. “That, combined with Nellie's terrific ability to analyze the team and the game, will make for a very exciting program."

    As someone who listens to the radio on the way to games or just around the house on Sunday mornings it has been painful around here the past 2 years with EEI and BCN's pre-game shows. I think this one has the chance to be decent. I like Curran, he's funny and has good incite and scoops. Perillo is decent which is an upgrade. Don't know much about Brown but Nellie with a good crew around him will be good too. Finally some hope for Sunday morning radio? And for those outside the radio range they do stream online.
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  2. patchick

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    Re: WEEI revamps NFL Sunday Show - could it finally be a good Pats pregame radio show

    That really does sound like a good lineup. All right WEEI, we'll give you another shot....
  3. Tunescribe

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    Re: WEEI revamps NFL Sunday Show - could it finally be a good pregame radio show?

    Interesting. Looks like Mannix and Hobson are history, but I never really minded them on that show. I wonder, though, that if Curran is off the ProJo's Patriots beat, will he still have good information? The Krafts REALLY need to do something about WBCN and get rid of Tanguay, Borges and Gresh. I really hate their juvenile faux-provocative banter and Gresh's fixation on the Steelers. That alone should disqualify him from doing a Patriots broadcast.
  4. marty

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    Re: WEEI revamps NFL Sunday Show - could it finally be a good pregame radio show?

    Do like that line up. Could be something to tune into on Sun. Nellie has always been a favorite!
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    I don't know, I guess a Mike and Mike show would have been asking too much? Holley and Smith are in the WEEI stable as host and guest, are both about as connected as you get to this team and football as radio talent gets in this town....

    Brown may be from around here initially but he was the guy from Atlanta flown in to compete for Sarandis job who lost out to Mikey Adams....

    Curran and Perillo are fine although with them committed to EEI the rotating voice of reason slot on BCN will be diminished. That show is almost impossible to listen to. But I fear those decisions are Jonathan's pervue and ratings must trump quality of programming particularly where the all important idiot demographic is concerned.
  6. jefmblrd

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    I think it has the potential to be a great show; I have always enjoyed NFL Sunday in the past, but have found it to be losing something as of late. I'm looking forward to listening to the new format. I'm glad Nellie is staying on.

    As for the BCN pre-game show--it's painful to listen to! Tanguay is terrible and Gresh is worse. I wish they would make some changes there.
  7. DarrylS

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    Sounds good to me, I like Dale Arnold, but this sounds like and upgrade. like this combination, tired of idle chatter and small talk, just talk the nutz and boltz.
  8. Ichiro

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    I agree a Mike and Mike show would be great, but as you said before the idiot demographic rules supreme at WEEI . Unfortunately, I think a Holley and Smith show would alienate some of WEEI's core listeners (idiots which WEEI needs to stay afloat). Callers have complained when Mike and Mike have co-hosted the mid-day show.

    I think the new Sunday show should be solid, though. My main complaint with Hobson and Mannix is that they generally had no idea about the rest of the NFL. It seemed like those two did no research at all.

    Mike Adams is perhaps the worst regular host WEEI has had since Eddie Andelman. I wish they went with this guy Brown instead. Adams is perfect for the "idiot culture" which has infected Red Sox nation. When the Red Sox season ends this guy will refuse to talk about anything but baseball. His arguments will not be analytical, but the same old "Manny doesn't hustle" and "Beckett is overrated" which somehow drives up ratings but lowers IQs.
  9. Jacky Roberts

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    "Replacing Dale Arnold"

    The three most wonderful words in the English language. Thank God. Now if the Bruins would follow suit...
  10. capetide

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    Re: WEEI revamps NFL Sunday Show - could it finally be a good Pats pregame radio show

    WEEI's idea of a Pats pre-game show.....

    "We're coming to you from Foxboro for today's game against the Bills..."

    "Dale...Is it true that Willie Mo Pena once visited Buffalo?"

    "I'm not sure.. But I know that Manny likes Buffalo wings..."

    "Speaking of not hustling to first base, do you think that the Red Sox will make a move by the deadline,.....Blah,, blah,,, blah..."
  11. mdhprime

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    WEEI and "good" shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Having said that, the line-up does sound good.
  12. pats60

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    Except no word if Peter King is now gone from the lineup.
  13. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: WEEI revamps NFL Sunday Show - could it finally be a good pregame radio show?

    Can anyone surmise why Kraft & Co DON'T insist on a better BCN crew.? Beats me.
  14. belichickaholic

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    Crap, now I have to listen to EEI again! Now if only BCN could replace Borges and Gresh!!
  15. ilduce06410

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    BTW, who is the patriots' CEO?

    who is it, specifically, who is empowered to make that decision?
    whoever it is, i'd like to start sending them e-mails about this.
    'eei and 'bcn are both airing low-quality pregammes, with annoying regulars.
    these guys basically talk about themselves, each other's cars, and maybe some movies.
    IMO it's below industry programming standards. patriots have a contract with these stations, they oughta be exercising their rights and stop yanking peoples' season tix because they got into an argument with some cretin.
  16. Willie55

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    I dont know much about Brown, but Curran and Perrillo have got to be an upgrade over Ned Flanders, I mean Dale Arnold. Mannix was just another nay-saying ass, and while I liked Hobson, he could never remember anything until he was prodded by the other members.

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