Wednesday Injury Report

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    Because we're still working out some kinks with the blog, I'll post a few things here in the meantime. To that end, here's Wednesday's injury report, just released by the Patriots:

    S Rodney Harrion (Out) Shoulder
    TE Daniel Graham (Questionable) Ankle
    CB Ellis Hobbs (Questionable) Wrist
    G Russ Hochstein (Questionable) Knee
    RB Laurence Maroney (Questionable) Ankle
    TE Garrett Mills (Questionable) Thigh
    G Stephen Neal (Questionable) Shoulder
    DL Richard Seymour (Questionable) Elbow
    DL Ty Warren (Questionable) Shoulder
    S Eugene Wilson (Questionable) Hamstring
    QB Tom Brady (Probable) Right shoulder

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