We will eat your children

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    Black African racism has cost the former bread basket (meaning it produced a surplus amount of food) of Rhodesia plenty. Now Zimbabwe, the country kicked out the productive white farmers in ways almost too ghastly to imagine, and now the shelves are bare.

    Robert Mugabe, the democratically elected President for life, can always turn to the winning hand of blaming the whites. Then he could reward loyal followers who can't grow dandelions to own the formerly productive farm land.

    It's proved a good way to start a famine.

    But I bet you in the American media aren't knowledgeable about it. One has to turn to British newspapers or listen to the BBC to have any idea what has happened in recent years.

    Robert Mugabe's thugs chanted: 'We will eat your children' - Times Online

    Ian Smith was right.
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    These things never make US Media News, NBC would rather do a Smear of the Palin Family or The Mormons.

    You yourself will probably be called a Racist by the Liberal Do-Gooders for daring to post it (the old double standard again)

    I can't get into this any further.

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