We should change NOTHING on defense till further notice IMO

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    O.K. Rodney is to be back this week and Seymour MAY BE coming back in a few weeks BUT....

    I think it would be a BIG mistake if we changed things on defense right now even though the 2 guys returning soon are BIG names like Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour

    Lets face it,we have not missed ANY of these two defensive stars thus far - We have given up 14-14-7-13 points in the first four
    games,Why would BB mess around and change things just because 2 popular and veteran guys are able to play?

    The old saying goes,If it ain't broken don't fix it

    We have not had a defensive performance like this in 4 consecutive games that I can remember in my 35 years as a Pats fan and as one announcer said last night 'This team is a well oiled Machine'

    Unless the team starts to show signs of giving up big plays,points or yardage I see no reason to remove Green or Sanders from full time play or at least be in there 85% of the game

    I know some fans here are big Rodney and Seymour fans and I am glad they will be around to come off the bench should an injury or bad defensive game arise and brings the depth up to unbelievable talent but there is absolutely no reason IMO why things should change to the current lineup if we continue to win decisively.

    Your thoughts?
  2. patsox23

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    My thought is that this is asinine. Sorry.

    The Patriots D is playing well because they're relatively healthy, because Adalius Thomas has been added to the mix, and because the young guys in the secondary are a year older and more experienced. It's not because of some secret, delicate chemistry that occurs b/c Seymour's and Harrison's replacements are perfect fits.

    This team's D is hitting on all cylinders right now because they're GOOD. Adding Seymour and Harrison will only serve to continue that trend. It's not going to make it WORSE. Good Lord.
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  3. 37Harrison

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    Simple really, Rodney knows this defense better than Sanders and can put guys into better position on the field. He is a coach on the field, not to mention the intensity that he brings to this D.

    Seymour is a guy that opposing teams need to game plan for. Green is not.

    There is a reason why these guys are big names and they shouldn't be sitting on the bench if they are able to play.

    Why wouldn't you want to possibly improve this D by adding in the leader and heart of the defense and one of the most dominating D-lineman in the game? Makes no sense.
  4. maverick4

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    I do think Jarvis needs to play a lot more when Seymour comes back.

    Jarvis is devastating as a pass rusher, and is also highly under-rated against the run. Basically, he's a stud who shouldn't be a backup.
  5. BelichickFan

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    Seymour isn't an issue because he's out for at least two more weeks.

    Sanders is a nice player but he's not #37. I expect Harrison to get in this week, not start, and get more and more time as he gets back into the swing of things.
  6. patsox23

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    Jarvis isn't deployed like a "backup." He is a VERY GOOD PLAYER. I like the guy. Richard Seymour is a HALL OF FAMER.

    I mean, are we seriously having this conversation? Seymour is the ONE guy on our defense, outside of maybe Wilfork, who teams have to gameplan FOR. Double- and triple-team. If Jarvis plays, and he will, it will be in rotation with Seymour and Warren. That is a huge benefit for this defense. But the idea that Seymour should be in some kind of platoon is genuinely insane.
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  7. MoLewisrocks

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    My thoughts are similar to those expressed earlier - this is why you are not a GM or HC but a message board thread starter.

    You always start or play the best available players that you anticipate give you the best possible chance to win. That is what Bill will do. That is one of the many reasons he's going to the HOF.
  8. PatsFan37

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    PFIPA, did you see Harrison in the pre-season, darting across the field to break up passes? The guy is a playmaker. I'm not so concerned about the Browns, but when Dallas is in town and expecially on Nov 4th, I want my man Rodney fully plugged into that defense.

    And I want Seymour plugged into Addai's jersey.


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    I don't understand the argument you are making,Sorry but if the defense has given up less than 14 points a game I don't know how you can argue that the team is doing just fine,Changing things on defense can't be much different and you can't really argue this until an opponent puts up at least 20 on the Pats,How could you possibly contest this? - The secondary has not been lit up nor has the defensive line taken a hit.

    There have been may who say even though a certain area on the team does not look to be so talented its a fact that if those guys begin to gel together fine because they have played together so much and almost know where each guy is doing or where they are going to be they should be a strong unit,especially on a well coached team which is what is happening here.

    Either you are a BIG Harrison or Seymour fan or I don't understand the logic.

    And BTW Pees has been the BEST defensive coordinator in the past 2 years that the Patriots ever have had before in 2 consecutive years in their history,You can add that to the success of this underated unit.
  10. biffman

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    And that goes double for Rodney. He is our best safety, period. He also knows the D very well and can make all the calls. Not to mention the way he will lay people out.
  11. JR4

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    I disagree. Rodney and Richard will make this defense better NOT worst. IMO
    So you go with what makes the team better.

    I'm sure Belichick and his coaches will make the right decision.
    Certainly not any of us fans who have no idea what the situation is.
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    I know that Seymour is a superb player and one of the best on the team and Harrison although aged is still a hard hitter and a motivator but my point of this thread is this ...


    I can't see how the defense can play any better right now than with the guys who we have in the lineup.

    The only way it could be better is if we shutout every opponent.

    We are friggin ranked #1 in total defense for gods sake at this point and you guys are arguing about us getting even better - is it possible? - There is no higher ranking than #1 :rolleyes:

    I know I am nothing more than a fan but a forum is where you express what you think is best and that is my opinion like it or not
    I know BB could not care less what I think which is irrelevant as its stupid to think otherwise but as BB says it is what it is and he will do what he thinks best,Thats why hes HC and thats good enough for me whatever he does to keep the team on topWhether he follows similar to my thoughts or goes totally opposite.
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  13. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Until Rodney shows signs of losing a step, he is our starter. End of story.

    Maybe they work him in slow the first week or two, that's fine.

    Until Seymour is really healthy, Green is our starter. If Seymour comes back at 100%, then work him in slow, but when he is back up to speed, he starts.

    Green has earned a lot more playing time than in previous seasons, however, and you can make a case for him coming into a game to give both Warren and Seymour a rest for a series, and also coming in for Wilfork on third downs in passing situations. So his workload doesn't have to drop off much.

    Rodney and a healthy Seymour makes our defense better.

    It is not like we are doing well in the red zone. That is an area where Seymour and Rodney clearly can help. Seymour ties up more blockers than Green and Rodney is bigger than Sanders and also a better football player.
  14. skspikex2

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    As much as I like Green, Seymour is just more dominating force. Opposing RB will have a tough time cutting outside as Seymour can take down 2 OL himself and leave Rosie to tackle. The Dl line of Seymour,Wilfork, and Warren just create so much mess at the line of scrimmage, it's not even funny(to pats fans is it:D ). Plus their pass rushing abilities together are one of the best if not THE best in the league.

    As for harrison, his killing intent footbal style just intimidate almost any QB and WR. You guys all seen what he did to Mcnair on the preseason game, he literally slam mcnair into the ground. With harrison, you just make Pats secondary alot better. Plus we all know his first game back, he will make a statement to the first WR that catch the ball.:rocker:


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  16. patchick

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    Me neither...but I'm looking forward to finding out! :D

    My take: if I know anything about Bill Belichick, it's that he'll play the guys he thinks gives him the best shot at winning this week, not whoever happened to win for him last week.

    (By the way, has there ever been a better "problem" than trying to integrate two more Pro-Bowl caliber players into the league's #1 defense?)
  17. Patriot_in_NY

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    No disrepect intended, but I agree. Sanders has done a commendable job nd he'll still get his share of plays, but let's face it........ He's not Rodney.

    There is nothing that opposing WR fear more than the sound of Rodney's footsteps coming at them. IMO, a heathy Rodney makes 90% of WR's play more cautiously. A rested Seymour will be devastating up front.

    We're lucky to have Sanders and Green backing those guys up.


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    What you said about slowly working Seymour and Harrison back into the lineup is what is probably going to happen but one never knows what BB will do


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    There is no problem on defense and that is what is the great thing,If we put all of our great players on defense on the field at the same time there would be about 16 guys out there,Unfortunately the league only allows 11 guys at one time ;)


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    You are correct,Sanders is NOT Rodney and I am not saying he is but SANDERS is most likely our future Safety at that spot and the more time he gets to play this year the better for the future once Rodney retires which may be next year,especially if we win the SB this year.

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