We need to NOT move on from this.

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    Rulebook time:
    "A number of NFL rules experts took to social media to declare that whole thing was an inaccurate mess. It starts with the fact that under Article 6 (a) of Rule 12 (Section 1) of the NFL rule book, Kuechly's bear hug of Gronkowski qualified as defensive holding, not pass interference. As such, the catchability of the pass is not a factor in the infraction being called.

    So the original flag was wrong. The reversal may have been correct (if the ball was, indeed, uncatchable) but only because the penalty being reversed was incorrect to begin with. If they’d gotten the first one right, they may have still blown the second one."


    Catchability of the ball was a non-issue. The officials blew the call. Period.


    Keuchly had Gronk wrapped up in a hug as the ball was still in the air. That's a penalty. And the game can't end on a penalty, so the Pats would have gotten one more shot at the end zone at the 1 yard line IF the correct call is made at that time.

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