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    Just to update anyone interested, ordered authentic jersey January 7th, overnight shipping for an extra $28. Took four days worth of constant emailing, phone calling, no one ever replied. So I emailed the warehouse itself, finally got someone to reply saying they'd contact me if the jersey was in stock, if not credit me back. (they never got back to me so i assumed it was credited)

    Well, it's now the 18th and I've not been credited, I've emailed that person back, called that persons number, called the pro-shop over and over and over again, no one ever answers any number they list on the website. Ever. They just do not answer or ever return calls.

    So called bank, must wait 30 days until I can presumably reverse the transaction. Guess when you're undefeated, you have the best pro-shop taking care of your fans. :D

    I mean damn, the NFL.com shop only charges your card once an item is shipped, how is it I can order a jersey listed as in stock and be charged and no one realizes it's not there or knows to contact the person or refund them?
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