We Have Allowed ONE 21+ Yard Run All Season

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    So says Football Outsiders, it was that one to Bell. Considering we faced Bell, Tomlinson, Johnson, et al, that's an amazing feat :

    "Meanwhile, as I’ve noted numerous times, the Patriots defense has led the league for three straight years when it comes to allowing the fewest rushing yards on long runs more than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. That run by Bell happens to be the only carry over 20 yards allowed by New England all year. "

    Bell also had a 20 yarder.

    The other interesting thing is that even though Denver is the better team by his calculations, using the Week 12 to Week 16 numbers the Patriots have been playing better at the end of the season. Which isn't shocking but it backs up what we've been saying, that it's not just the weak schedule.

    DVOA Since Week 12
    (Meaningless Games Excluded)
    NE 12.1% -18.6% 0.7% 31.4%
    DEN 19.0% -6.1% 0.0% 25.1%


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