We are VERY THIN at WR !

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  1. MooseKnuckles

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    Losing Givens will have a great impact on the Pats offense than most realize. The Pats WR corp is thin and could be a challenge within the Pats offense next yr. In a draft year where the WR corp is much thinner in years past, the Pats find themselves in an interesting situation. The UFA list will feature at the top list Randel El, Jurevicious, Bryant & Bruce .. #2WR's mostly #3 type WR's at best except for the first 2 mentioned and Givens of course. Branch is clearly their #1 and with Givens on his way out, and we're assuming feature WR on this team going forward. Dwight & A Davis & T Brown are UFA's and B Johnson is pretty much worthless. I would assume T Brown returns for perhaps his franchise token farewell. Dwight was reliable, productive and efficient when needed will hopefully be back. A Davis never got a serious chance besides a few deep passes toward the end of the season.

    Watson & Graham will be solid TE tandem and Watson may emerge as that go to Todd Heap, Alge Crumpler type player. With the question marks in the backfield, C Dillon coming off of a terrible (injury filled yr) and the potential loss of Neal & Ashworth on the line, the lack of WR may stand out more.

    It would have been interesting if they did get D Mason in FA last yr. What do you think they will do here?
  2. BelichickFan

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    You're right but . . . no sh!t. I still want Antonio Bryant unless he's priced out of our market.
  3. patsfan55

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    i agree id love antonio bryant

    as for the draft its not as bad as ppl are saying
    the only reason its worse than most yrs, is cuz most yrs there are two or three guys sitting at the top, this yr there are none, but we cant pick that high anyway so it doesnt matter

    i love martin nance in the second round
    i love greg jennings in the third
    i love mike hass in the third or fourth
    there are options out there
  4. Warren94

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    Sign Brown, Davis, Draft Haas & Stovall
  5. patsfan55

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    if we draft stovall id rather draft jennings than hass
    my preference is to draft jennings and nance, or jennings and hass, but i wouldnt mind jennings and stovall
  6. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Finneran, Finneran, Finneran.

  7. mgteich

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    First extend Branch!
  8. Miguel

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    This is how thin the Pats are at wideout right now.

    Deion Branch is the only Patriots wide receiver signed for the 2006 season who caught more than 4 passes in 2005.
  9. JoeSixPat

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    Do you think Coach Belichick knows about this too? Someone should definately tell him if he wasn't aware of it!

  10. Alk

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    Ummm..yeah. After looking at our list of WRs, we need to get Givens back here like now. There isn't another WR available that I would rather have. It's time to pay up.
  11. mgteich

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    The big question is whether he passes on Branch and signs a couple of free agent wide receivers at 2006 free agent market prices.

    The middle road is to trade a pick for a receiver. I'd be fine with say

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  12. wistahpatsfan

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    I keep hearing that Givens can't be retained or that the Pats don't give big money to WR's, but I think now is the time to go a little deep on him. He hasn't had his best year and I think Coach loves the kid. Brady deserves to have two studs to throw to considering he's the best QB ever, took less money and played hurt all year. I hope the Pats break tradition here.
  13. patsfan55

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    lets not forget that ben watson was a weapon tom looked for often down the stretch, and could be a reason were not signing givens

    personally id love to have them both,but im just trying to play devils advocate
  14. PaulNEPats

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    Isaac Bruce for the win!
  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    Givens - A proven possession receiver easily capable of 100 yd games in a cap manna from heaven year - unlikely to be re-signed for #2 dollars.
    Davis - He and Tommy were just starting to get their timing down near the end of the season, he may develop into the new #2, but other teams looking to stretch the field may also like to have his skills - big 'if' on re-signing.
    Dwight - Nice situational player who would likely land on IR if used regularly; I also thought I read were he had been thinking about retirement... - hopefully, an easy re-signing with a two year contract.
    Brown - A dependable #3, capable of carrying #2 or #1 for brief periods - a talisman whom we should want to bring back one more time.

    As knuckles said, the Pats are hurting at WR and the draft is a futures market. I'm inclined to put an emphasis on the run game in the draft and free agency, and this is a year to consider 4 TEs seriously with a 1st day draft pick and re-signing Fauria. How would you defend a four TE run set with the threat of Watson and Graham slipping behind your front 7 in three strides?
  16. Pats726

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    I do agree, the Patriots need to focus on this achilles heel. I really think Givens is gone, which is unfortunate, but with Branch waiting for his big pay day, it will be pretty hard to offer DG a big contract. (Miguel was right on the money on this one...)
    I like bringing Davis back, (speed and deep receiver), possibly Dwight (although I agree he's not a fulltime player), TroyB (Mr Dependable...) and Childress (A possible 3 way player in time..) but that doesn't at all solve the problem.
    They also have 5 others under contract..1) the forgotten about BethelJ (who everyone is counting out..and that is really too bad..because if he got it, he might be a solid returner and 3th receiver...[although to me it's a Davis/BJ battle]...2) John Stone (who played in obscurity in Oakland and was injured) 3) Zuriel Smith (who may be in the Davis/BJ class of speedy receiver
    returner) 4) Rich Musinski (who was in TC last year and now NFLE) and 5) Mike McGrew (who was injured pre TC last year---he may indeed might be a sleeper...at 6'2"...but finding someone like a Givens as a UDFA is a long long shot..although he did play for Al Groh, so they may have knowledge on his upside).
    When one looks at this picture, the team is in need of a real standout to go with Branch. There is Branch and mediocrity...or specialization...not at all what a winning NFL team needs to have in the arsenal.
    Moulds? Bruce? Bryant? Jurevicious? Reed? If not a standout a a rookie...I think its needed here..more focus...also remember how the team went after Mason last year on day one. They did not get him, but it was a surprise that even what they had they thought it a BIG priority for the offense. Take away Givens and such and it's almost dire.
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  17. PATSNUTme

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    It's jump my ass time!

    We have two TE's that were #1 drft picks. Ben Watson looks like he could be a #2 WR. We can draft another TE in the mid rounds as this is a goo class.

    So, with Watsons speed, why couldn't he be a #2 reciever?

    Be kind, I'm very sensitive today.
  18. Box_O_Rocks

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    [rubs aloe into the keyboard]wATs&*^on Do&^$esn'T h(&&*(aff da quiCKs l*@$Ke D-G^v an_ wOoOul\d sTRugg|@E g7%etTiNg 0pen @gAINSt Corn^*(%bACKs. [I don't see how this sensitive stuff improves communications?] :beersign:
  19. Pats726

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    It takes more than speed to be a number two..one issue usually with TEs has to do with running routes accurately,,but there are other things as well. Very hard for a TE to convert to WR....it is interesting though..but usually a TE with speed can do much better from his position than a wideout. was that sensitive?? I have asked that question as well..as was shot down a lot worse...but that's what I have heard.
  20. JoeSixPat

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    Realistically we have a #1 WR and a lot of #3 & #4 options.

    We need a strong #1a or a #2. Givens and Moulds are my preference for the #2 spot. 3-5 will work itself out - with 4 and 5 just looked to as backups anyway, who with any luck don't need to spend much time on the field.

    Roudning out our reciever corps are some great short pass options from our TEs as well as Faulk.

    So we're not in as bad shape as it might appear right now - we absolutely need a #2 but with any luck we won't need the depth that WRs 3-5 bring to the table.

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