We are Barack and John and We Approve This Message

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Sep 17, 2008.

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    #24 Jersey

    John McCain and Barack Obama have an extra 15 minutes following their debate.

    JM - You know Barack i'm thinking no tax cuts ... let's use the money to pay down our debt.
    BO - I agree John ... paying down our debt will make life better for our citizens.
    BO - John when we tell them taxcuts we only get it back anyways when we are lying.
    JM - You're right Barack ... old school politicians were thieves ... we are the new wave.

    BO - John ... in addition to no tax cuts I say we reduce foreign aid by 50%.
    JM - 50% Barack ... how about 60%?
    BO - Well John if we're going to do 60% then let's do 75%.
    JM - Sounds good to me Barack ... all savings go to debt reduction.
    BO - Absolutely John ... no new federal programs ... only debt reduction.

    JM - Barack ... what about all these earmarks.
    BO - John I say we get Congress to pass a no earmarks for 3 years bill.
    JM - Barack ... you are thinking like I am thinking ... sounds good.
    JM - We shall use all the earmark savings to reduce the national debt.
    BO - That's right John ... it will mean a few less jobs but reducing the debt makes us less reliant on China and the Saudi oil thieves.

    JM - Barack did you hear the joke about the camel and ... oh never mind.
    BO - i already heard that one john ... "camel toe" :rofl:

    BO - John what should we do about all these bailouts?
    JM - I say we charge them interest rates like a credit card ... 18%.
    BO - John ... when you're in default they charge Americans like 26%.
    JM - Sounds good to me Barack ... bailout interest rate will be 26% ... just like they charge our citizens.

    That's all the time we have folks I am Barack Obama ...
    ... and I am John McCain and we approve this message. ;)..:D..:p
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    #18 Jersey

    What has gotten into you FBN? You seem to have been through some sort of transformation this week...personally, I like it.

    Good to see your sense of humor is back;)

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