wayne edges out moss for rec yards title

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  1. ShrewBeer

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    but, i guess our guys have enough records. just wish it wasnt a colt who beat him
  2. pwes

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    We knew it was going to happen. They kept him in for the sole reason to pass Moss.
  3. hwc

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    With a 3 score lead late in the 4th quarter this afternoon, the Bengals were calling time outs to stop the clock and throwing 1 yard dump passes to Houshmandzadeh to get him the lead in receptions for the year.
  4. weswelker#83

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    Congrats Wayne , next ?
  5. BoTown

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    Yup. Like I said in a previous post, be proud that Brady/Moss accomplished their milestones in a meaningful way (game-winning touchdown) as opposed to early-game stat padding with no bearing on the outcome. Having said that, Wayne carried them in Harrison's absence, so he's earned it.
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