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  1. EMoulds80Fan

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    Hello fellow football fans. I am a Bills fan.....but I'm no troll. I want to clear the air with Mr. Moulds. He is not over the hill trust me. He is in peak physical condition, he's a beast, a work out warrior. EM has been my favorite Bill for almost eight years now.

    Anyways you guys saw last year on ESPN that EM can still get it done. That was with Kelly Holcomb. I can't imagine if Brady had EM....WOW! I'm telling you he'd be a great pickup....a great pickup. I'd still root hard for EM. He deserves better than the BS my franchise has given him.

    Look at all the QB's he's had since his arrival in 1996....Kelly,Collins,Van Pelt,Hobert,Rob Johnson, Flutie (2 years pro bowl w/ DF),Bledsoe (1 pro bowl),Holcomb and the punk that is JP Losman. That goes with 4 HC's (Levy,Phillips,Williams,Mularkey) now Jauron and the numberous OC's and WR coaches that he's been through. Only once he's alledgedly blown up....last years Miami meltdown....Ralph Wilson only suspended him one game and only because he hadn't practice all week pending Mr. Wilson decision.

    I cannot even imagine if he'd been as lucky as Marvin Harrison.....huge numbers EM would've put up also. My point is EM would be one hell of a pickup for you guys. EM,Branch,Watson,Graham......yikes.....Buffalo should just forfeit the two games....lol

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  2. BelichickFan

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    Thanks for the post, you're mostly preaching to the choir as most of us would love to have him . . . it all depends on what kind of money he'd sign for. And what it would take to get him out of Buffalo if they don't release him.
  3. EMoulds80Fan

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    LOL....I guess Im so used to defending Moulds to my fellow Bills fans I just expected it.....LOL!!!

    IMHO Moulds wants to win....sure he wants to get payed but he's made a ton of money in Buffalo. He wants to win and my Bills are a ways off from that.
  4. pats1

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    But also look who was covering him in that first Pats/Bills game...

    "He who shall not be named" Duane Starks.
  5. shakadave

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    Sorry to be playing catch-up here, but what exactly is Moulds' contract status in Buffalo? On what will his availability depend?
  6. fgssand

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    I am really surprised to see Givens rated so much higher than Moulds. Is that due to age and "upside" potentail? I know DGiv - he is no Moulds, not even close.
  7. italian pat patriot

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    let's see if something concrete with Moulds happens...
    i would like to seee him with us.
    and now that also Jurevicius looks 'near' CLE...
  8. EMoulds80Fan

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    My Bills signed Redskins third string TE Robert Royal....Dear god get thos two geesers away from my football team.
  9. AzPatsFan

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    Bruce or Moulds?

    I have always beleived that Bill Beleichick wants to sign a true #1 as his second WR. The guy doesn't even have to be in his prime or have outstanding speed any more, but he would like to pair a #1 who can get open and catch the ball, with his primary #1 Deon Branch, a former SB MVP.

    I think that is one of the reasons that the has not been anxious to spend lots on David Givins, who is clearly a good #2 but only a #2.

    My choices would be Eric Moulds or Isaac Bruce. I think Bruce has resigned with the rams but he could be had i htink for one or two of the second day picks. The same situation may apply to Moulds if he is not a FA.

    What is his status, exactly?
  10. EMoulds80Fan

    EMoulds80Fan Rookie

    He's under contract for two more seasons......huge cap numbers.

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