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    Looking at Young and Aikman play in their primes I think to myself wow these guys had great receivers to throw to. Young had Rice, Taylor, and Brent Jones. Aikman had Irvin, Harper, and Novacek.

    Brady has won 3 superbowls with exactly who as his receivers? Troy Brown at his prime was probably Brady's best pass target. I love Troy but he ain't no Jerry Rice. Watching this game I gotta wonder where Brady would be if he had just one stud receiver to throw to.
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    Branch in 2003/2004/2005 and Troy in 2001/2002 were the only #1s that Brady has had, and besides Troy's 2001 campaign, none of them have produced as you'd expect a #1 WR to on any other team in the NFL. Hopefully Jackson works out and Reche continues to improve. Hopefully they draft another good WR or make a FA signing. Brady deserves to spend some of his prime with a couple of 'great' WRs..

    I always go back to Manning....... How great would Brady look with Marvin and Wayne....
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    Yeah I guess Branch was our de facto #1 in 2002-2004 but he doesn't have the ability to make me think Rice or Irvin. Heck Harper stretched the field better. That was an incredible 70 yard catch Harper made in a huge game. Probably drove the stake into the 49ers with that play.

    I guess that's why I am hopeful that Jackson pans out. Brady deserves a good WR to throw to. It would be even nicer if he had a decent tandem. That's why I think the Pats will draft WR again next year. We replaced Givens with Caldwell but the Pats really don't have that outstanding #1 wideout yet.
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